Kristi Noem named one of Newsmax 100 Most Influential Pro-life Advocates

From Newsmax:

In the four decades since the Supreme Court discovered a constitutional right to abortion in Roe v. Wade, more than 58 million abortions have taken place in the United States. Some call it the “American holocaust.”


Based on a variety of media and pro-life sources, Newsmax has compiled this roster of the nation’s top 100 pro-life icons. These cultural warriors long for the day when the last abortion is conducted in the United States, and they won’t cease their protests until that time.


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Congratulations to Congresswoman Noem!

5 thoughts on “Kristi Noem named one of Newsmax 100 Most Influential Pro-life Advocates”

  1. Good for Kristi; this is a designation she should accept with pride-much more deserved than Obama’s Nobel or Algore’s Nobel-both unearned.

  2. Good for Kristi!

    This is one more reason why she stays in congress. That and her strong relationship with the new speaker.

  3. That acknowledgement is well-deserved. Thank you Representative Noem for working to protect the pre-born.

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