Dem to chair interim committee.

The Ag land task force just named a dem, Jim Peterson, chairman in what might be a first during GOP control of the legislature.

The word is there may have been some horse trading behind the scenes. It may also have to do something to do with the fact that Jim Peterson is a old-style Ag Democrat and not a one of the new breed of extreme-social liberal Democrats.

8 thoughts on “Dem to chair interim committee.”

  1. My crystal ball tells me by this time next year, Democrat Peterson will have seen the light, and will make the final journey to become a card carrying member of the Republican Party. The current position is just a stop along the way.

  2. Maybe it was just good old common sense since Jim has been a leader in the change of assessments and a prime sponsor on any successful legislation dealing with these issues.

  3. I,m not sure but I do know that Jim believes farmers should be taxed on virtually nothing . Not looking for any breakthroughs on anything except for the very largest producers .

  4. It is no different than having Verchio chair a committee–liberal incompetance.

  5. Jim has every change of our property tax code in his head and understands the ramifications of any statute alteration. Good pick as Peterson won’t allow anything poorly written or performing to be passed.

  6. Jim has only one goal in mind… no taxes for himself. Check the records on how much land he and his family own, and how much they pay in taxes. His property is worth millions, and he pays less than most commercial property owners pay for one building.

    You want to fix education funding…bring ag property taxes up to where they belong.

  7. Anon1 the only income tax SD has is the Ag Tax on assumed productivity of soil types based on assumed Productivity of said property.

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