Former Noem Intern Tomi Lahren goes viral with video clip criticizing Obama.

Tomi Lahren, a cable channel news host from Rapid City who happens to have been congresswoman Kristi Noem’s first intern, is apparently going viral with the below video clip criticizing President Obama.

Lahren, A conservative news host, appears on the One America news network, where she hosts her own show.

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  1. “A result of an upright conscience is, first of all, to call good and evil by their proper name. . . . and having called by name the many different sins that are so frequent and widespread in our time. . . . They poison human society, but they do more harm to those who practice them than to those who suffer from the injury. Moreover, they are a supreme dishonor to the Creator.” (Pope John Paul II)

    We do no favors to anyone (including peaceful Muslims) when we don’t speak the Truth to Evil. The Evil One prospers in silence for he is the Prince of the Dark. Put a name on it (terrorism) and we can fight it.

  2. Can somebody explain to us exactly what her strategy is? I’m not sure I understand it from her rant. What I think I heard is ‘Fly bombers over the desert and radical islamists will stop doing terrorist acts in the US.’ Was that it?

  3. Not really Troy. How exactly is it that you are going to fight it? And what is the ‘name’? ‘Radical islam,’ ‘evil’ or ‘terrorism’? And is Lahren’s proposal to terrorize all muslims, or just the ones in ‘the desert?’ By the way, isn’t ‘terrorism’ (aka totalitarianism) the way Saddan Hussein kept the Iraqi Muslims from warring with one another? Look, I’m sure she reflects the general frustration many of us feel, but so what? What’s the idea that will make a difference?

  4. If only we could bomb the internet… then maybe B1s would be the solution…

  5. Bill,

    Read again what Pope Paul II said: First of all, put a name on an evil act. Don’t excuse it, explain it OR be silent when it occurs.

    Adrian Peterson beat his child. There is no excuse, I don’t care if this is what his dad did to him, and I won’t be silent with regard to my thoughts.

    Saddam Hussein terrorized and murder those he was called to serve and protect. No excuse, no explanation, and silence was to be complicit.

    This guy killed four people in cold blood. There is no excuse for such a killing, I don’t care what explanation or justification he has, and to be silent is to condone it.

    Putting a name on child beating, terrorizing citizens, and murder is the first antidote to the “poison” from those who commit evil. Pretending by silence there is justification allows it to take root.

    Your implication putting a name on this evil is a call or justification for more evil is ludicrous. Nobody called for the proper response to Adrian Peterson to whip him. Nobody called for the proper response to Sadam to terrorize him or the Iraqi people (remember I opposed the Iraq War when most of America supported invasion). And nobody is calling for bombing Muslims in some desert in response to these murders.

    Adrian Peterson was punished for his crime against his child. It is up to him now to convert, repent and atone.

    Sadam was removed from power. Unfortunately, I’m not sure he was given a chance to convert, repent, and atone but that is another matter. I or the US didn’t make the call to execute him.

    And, this guy was killed in the fire fight.

    But, each of the above was evil, needs to be called by name what it is, and pursued and treated as such. Anyone who puts a name on this killing of the marines (Muslim or not) is taking the first critical step for it to stop. Those who refuse to put a name on it through silence, excusing it, or explaining it are being complicit and feeding the evil.

  6. P.S. His family made a great first step. They called his act heinous, regret he used the name of Islam to express his extremist ideology, and condolences for the harm their son did.

    Unfortunately, his friends are trying to blame it on pot and depression. This excuse/explanation gives implicit justification for committing evil.

  7. That’s a straw man argument if I ever read one, Troy. Who exactly is it that you are criticizing? What phantasm in your mind condones what happened to those marines?

  8. BF and TJ, don’t make this complicated. A person shot other people in cold blood, for an ideology/religion. The “other people” were United States Marines, who put their name on the line that says, if called I’ll answer. These service members were targeted. The White House refuses to lower the flag to half staff, and rushes to the podium to defend the ideology before condemning the act. This was an act of terrorism and pointing that out is enough, especially when the other side won’t.

  9. Aaron,

    I’m making it even more simple: He MURDERED five people in cold blood. That is evil. No explanation or excuse beyond that is relevant. I don’t care what was banging around in his head, whether he was depressed, high on pot, or motivated by radical Islam.

    I don’t have a criticism of the President’s muted reaction to this specific incidence as we gather more information and know more facts, except in context to his (and Former AG Holder) quickness to react without benefit of the facts to the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson or Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

  10. Bill,

    I don’t know what you think is a straw man argument. My only argument/position is this guy committed an act that is objectively evil. No excuse or explanation needed. It should be called evil and condemned. And, then we can grieve, express condolences, etc.

    My corollary argument is the family has done just as I posit.

  11. P.S. The Los Angeles Muslim community has responded with these comments:

    1) ISIS is a mafia and their call to terror acts during Ramadan couldn’t be farther from Islam.

    2) Praised and thanked the Marines for their fight against terror.

    3) Our complicity in these situations is we haven’t been strong enough in condemnation by saying people who do this in the name of Allah should fear his Maker and not expect Heaven. But, I hope we are learning and will find our voice in the face of this evil (actually used the word).

    1. This comment of Troy’s here is the solution. It must come from Islam itself if this problem is ever to be resolved. We on the outside of Islam can help by not marginalizing all Muslims because of the evil acts of a segment of their believers, We should help in any way we can to show support when moderate Islam calls out their brothers in faith for the evil that they are doing.

  12. Sodak No. 1:

    You are correct. We should not impute the actions of this guy in Chattanooga to all of Islam. This guy did evil and nobody else.

    All of us have an obligation to call what a small percentage of Catholic priests did to primarily teens in their care as evil. I have a unique obligation to condemn it in particular as anathema to Catholicism. When we criticize these acts, it doesn’t marginalize Catholicism.

    All of us have an obligation to call what this guy in Chattanooga did to five marines as evil. Muslims have an unique obligation to condemn it as anathema to Islam. When we criticize this act, it doesn’t marginalize Islam.

  13. Did this person say, “Put the fear of God in their desert?” USA is tired of trying to be the world’s police force where we have no standing to do so. Someone wants it called by name. Okay, you asked for it. It’s named bigotry and you conservatives are wrapped in it. If I call you a bank robber you don’t care because you’re not a bank robber but if I call you a bigot you DO care; because you ARE a bigot. This person’s rant is why my Democratic party will hold the White House for another eight years. To fend off slope-sided simpletons with a military agenda and divert some of your “war money” to ideas to help our USA citizens progress. WELCOME TO LOSERVILLE … population YOU!

    1. You, my friend, are the bigot. You are bigoted against anyone who is not a liberal or not a fan of calling evil for what it is. It doesn’t bother me if you call me a bigot, contrary to your statement above, as I know I’m not; but it does bother me that you can’t or won’t see that it is necessary to acknowledge evil in order to defeat it. And your position is the most dangerous at the present time. I’m actually confused why you continue to post here as you obviously have no liking for any of the opinions on this blog, and you definitely aren’t going to bring anyone over to your dark side with your posts.

    2. Porter…you take the easy way out, and call anything you don’t agree with bigotry… That’s the argument that someone with no real answer uses.

      If the dems hold the White House after this loser is done, it’s only because there are more on the take, than there are on the give.

  14. Sprinker …. a few words in every sentence you type come through well. “I’m actually confused.” That’s true. Also, the word “contrary”. If there’s a consistency in you it’s that you’re “continually contrary” and afraid of new things and ideas. Why, you ask do I post here? Do you in your bigoted ego-centric slope-sided situation think I’m writing for YOU or the minions to read it? There ARE a few “high value voters” that read Mr. Powers and they enjoy when I call out you bullies. You see, sprinkler “It’s necessary to acknowledge bullying in order to defeat it. I’m not afraid of terrorism … why are you?” LWIY (last word is yours)

    1. If you feel the need to resort to name calling of me, and any conservative actually, feel free. The best arguments are put forth by those who are able to argue their case without resorting to name calling. Maybe you are just having a bad day and need to vent; we are here for you in that case!

      1. Don’t let Porter get to you, Springer.

        He just wants to take away a few things that made America great.
        our desire
        our drive
        our faith
        and our freedoms.

        We know the truth.

        He uses words of hate and fear without really understanding them. I hope he nevers has to experience true bigtory, or ever have to face someone who want to kill him just because. Mr. Lansing the the real bully here. While I may not agree with a single word he utters, I will defend his right to spew his hate, with my life.

        And that is a part of what made America great.

  15. Great rant, but talk is cheap. Too bad she and her POS former boss never seemed to do anything tangible to fulfill Kristi Cheerleader’s repeated campaign promises to defund Obama Care…. Oh wait! I almost forgot— Bar room Johnny Boehner said that he didn’t want “to poke [Barry] in the eye” with such a dramatic Republican move. Everything’s fine…..

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