Details.. Libertarian candidate for governor still registered as a Republican?

Checking on the third-party candidates for Governor.. you know, the ones that get a percentage point or two and never seem to go much further than that.. I stumbled across something fairly interesting.

It appears there is a strong possibility that the Libertarian candidate for Governor, who has been campaigning as a Libertarian for several months now, might not actually be a Libertarian.

CJ Abernathey of Eureka is listed on the national libertarian party website as their candidate for Governor in 2018 for South Dakota, and has been calling himself a candidate for the libertarian nomination for that office since about December:

But as I search for this person (using the proper spelling, which the National Libertarian Party seems to have wrong) I only come up with one person spelling his name that way in the entire state.

And according to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s voter records as of this afternoon, I’m not finding a Libertarian by that name. But I am finding a Republican:

I suppose one can call themselves the Libertarian candidate for the nomination as long as they actually change their party by the time of the party convention (where based on a recent court decision they can nominate constitutional candidates in a few weeks).

But if someone was going to go to all the trouble of having been running as the Libertarian party candidate since early December, especially if they are posting things such as ‘proud to be a libertarian,’ you would’ve thought they might’ve actually taken 10 minutes to go down to the local courthouse to change their party registration before they made the announcement.


11 thoughts on “Details.. Libertarian candidate for governor still registered as a Republican?”

  1. It looks like other than accusing the other candidates for Governor treasonous he is a single issue candidate for legalizing weed.

  2. The Disgusted Dads will rally behind this fellow, as will those sporting beards and all of my good friend Bob’s close friends.

  3. Wasn’t Dan Lederman registered as a Democrat while chosen to lead the SDGOP? Some readers may consider this article an example of a lack of intellectual honesty. Good ol’ Boy mentality? Double standard? You tell me.

      1. Why does my comment keep going away? I quote the Argus and challenge if the conspiracy is really debunked. What part of my comment is “jerky”? I want to play by the rules, but how do I know what they are if you keep changing them? Maybe this is a child’s game we’re playing? I write it, you take it away. I write it again, you take it away. I write it again, how long until you take it away. Is someone really that triggered over my attempt for a discussion?

        1. KM, your comment was off topic, and at the first time you posted, it contained false information.

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