Steve Novotny announces as Libertarian candidate for Governor

From my mailbox, looks like the Libertarians are going to have a showdown for Governor:

Contact: Steve Novotny

WINNER, S.D. — Steve Novotny, Winner, announced today he will seek the South Dakota Libertarian Party’s nomination for Governor.

Novotny, 61, is married to his wife of 42 years, Denise. The couple have two daughters, two sons in law, and four grandchildren. In addition to being a third-generation farmer on a century-old homestead, he also runs an aerial application business, utilizing helicopters in agricultural spraying. Novotny has also been a huge supporter of military veterans, he’s flown in parades and memorials, and has dedicated a lot of his time and energy helping people who have served the country.

Known by the nickname “Air Wolf”, Novotny says he knows the trials and tribulations of hard work and the dedication it takes to make a business succeed. He hopes to take his lifetime of experience to the Governor’s office in 2019.

In a release dated Monday, Novotny said it was time for the people to take back control from corrupt career politicians and make the state more prosperous and people-friendly.

“With years of corruption under the two-party government’s lack of leadership, it’s time to clean up South Dakota’s image,” Novotny said. “The trail of tears and corpses littered across this state must end, and non-politicians must take the controls to navigate South Dakota into the future.”

Novotny will seek nomination at the LPSD’s state convention in Sioux Falls on Saturday, April 14. If successful, he will go on to the general election on November 6 and face Democrat Billie Sutton and the winner of the Republican primary between Attorney General Marty Jackley and U.S. Representative Kristi Noem.


My voter database shows Novotny was registered as a Republican up until recently, but unlike his opponent CJ Abernathey, actually changed to Libertarian before the campaign began, which I confirmed through the Secretary of State.

Moving on…

7 thoughts on “Steve Novotny announces as Libertarian candidate for Governor”

  1. Does the loser switch over to the Constitution Party? Evidently there may be even another state political party starting in the works.

      1. Could be or making the South Dakota Tin Foil Hat Party official. They will be very cautious with all the state, global, planetary and galactic surveillance systems in place. Those demon eyes in photos and billboards are what get them.

  2. The USAO assisted with a protection order sought by FSA employee Zirpel against Steve Novotny.

    Calling Marty Jackley a Soros minion?

    Between Novotny’s own history and CJ Abernathy looking towards his battle it will be more of the same from the SD Libertarian party.

    1. Not if my good friend Bob steps up to run. He’s a mainstream Libertarian, saner than most, and sharp as a brass tack.

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