Dusty Johnson earns Argus Leader endorsement for Congressional primary

From the Argus Leader, this afternoon Republican candidate for Congress Dusty Johnson has earned the nod from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader for his demeanor and being “a longtime conservative voice in South Dakota”:

The current goal is obviously to gain the GOP nomination, and only registered Republicans can vote in the primary. But all South Dakotans should be rooting for Johnson’s credibility and experience to win the day.

You can’t effectively represent the entire state if you’re a one trick pony like Tapio, who plays off ignorance and fear to advance a hateful anti-Muslim agenda. And Krebs has taken a sharp turn from her successful stint as Secretary of State, running hard to the right in an apparent attempt to lure Trump’s most steadfast supporters in South Dakota.

At times, the “extreme vetting” campaign pledges of Tapio and Krebs have played like a race to the bottom of the question, “Who can be the most xenophobic?”


His refusal to reach for a dog whistle enhances his status as a mature and moderate Republican voice.

Throughout his political career, the 41-year-old Pierre native has displayed a consistency in his ideals and demeanor, and in turn a faith in the South Dakota electorate. He is banking on voters looking past the bombast to rely on a more principled level of leadership when they head to the polls.

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      1. And… you hate that I ask questions. You hate that I want to know more about who my vote gets cast for. You hate independent free-thinkers and I bet deep down inside you’d like to censor them.

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