6 thoughts on “Krebs campaign notes endorsement from Congressman Steve King of Iowa”

  1. YES!! A politician has gotten the endorsement of a politician! YES!!

    If Shantel can only get the endorsements of more politicians, her victory is assured!

  2. It’s a good endorsement considering she is being attacked for not being conservative enough.

  3. This is a horrible endorsement- he’s a joke. Even Trump made fun of him, in the last week, for being ridiculous. He’s also very ineffective as a member of Congress. But hey- if you only want to rename a post office – he’s your guy!

  4. I would hope the endorsement from a racist, sexist, piece of human garbage is the death kneel of her campaign. Shameful.

  5. This should help Shantelwith conservatives..but not with moderates…some good some bad with this endorsement

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