Election conspiracy group SD Canvassing doing hand counting demo in Capitol Rotunda

A double-dose of election conspiracy today, as there are notices out that the SD Canvassing Group is going to be doing a “hand count demo” in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building on Friday, with election truther Rick Weible.

I did find a video out there about hand-counting in case you’re unable to attend the demo.

15 thoughts on “Election conspiracy group SD Canvassing doing hand counting demo in Capitol Rotunda”

  1. Funny how people show their complete ignorance on issues by just throwing a “conspiracy” label on it just so they don’t have to do something productive that would make them truly educated and informed….. If Pat powers labels someone a conspiracy theorists, odds are that person or group is someone to pay attention to for truth and facts!

    1. Fact is multiple peer reviewed studies show hand counts to be slower and less accurate than automated alternatives. But you dont care about facts and never have.

  2. It is not a matter if computers can count faster or more accurate it is a matter about which system is the least corruptible. It is easier to corrupt one vote counting machine then the 5 to 10 voting centers with multiple election workers that are your neighbors and with poll watchers that you also know. People have the right to an election process that they trust.

    1. Pray tell, how does one “corrupt” a machine that has no internet connection and is tested multiple times before and after a count is performed? If my “neighbors” are John Dale, Taffy Howard, Weiblein-Wobble, and other “Truthers” then I’ll sure as hell trust a machine before them.

      1. If a computer is not in a Faraday room it is reachable. And the vender can conceal code in the computer that a county auditor would have no idea is there. You have the right to be that election worker. I would trust you over a machine. If you trust the machine you trust the mfr of the hardware, the mfr of the software, the non-government IT tech that maintains the system, etc etc etc.

        1. So, a problem exists but there is no way to prove it. Sounds like utter fiction. You all could pony up some evidence ANY DAMN DAY NOW.

        2. These conspiracy theorists. Thanks Trump! Thanks Pillow Guy! Thanks Kristi Noem for marketing for encouraging them to move to South Dakota!

          Talk of Faraday cages or rooms?

          What about 5G?

          What about mind control to affect these hand counters? Back in the 60s the military explored this as a tool to be used which included giving subjects drugs to enhance their abilities.

          What about safeguards to prevent a person using Telekinisis physically manipulating the actions of these human hand counters or machines?

          One of the crazy drugged up nuts over at Heidelberger’s now defunct out of state blog was obsessed with time travel assasins and saboteurs. How would you safeguard against that?

          Endless rabbit holes.

  3. The topic is what is the most non-corruptible voting system available, not if the past elections in SD were corrupt. If you think all the past SD elections were correct, I will give you that. My goal is that it stays that way. Hand counting paper ballots is the best way to do that.

    1. No, it isnt. You repeatedly making claims based on your feelings doesnt make you right, it just makes you stubborn.

      1. What claims are you talking about? Ask your county auditor if they can read the computer code in the vote counting machine. They can not. A vender built the machine, coded the machine , and maintains the machine. A voter has the right to see their vote counted in a manner that is understandable to all. to all.

        1. Your claims that hand counting ballots is the most correct way, has time and time again been proven wrong. Your misinformed hypothesis that the machines are hackable, again wrong.

          1. I did not say hand count was the most correct way it is the most resistant to corruption. You hear in the news all the time large companies and federal agencies being hacked. And they spend much more time and money in computer security then the SD government does on election counting machines.

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