SD Canvassing head claiming they are “getting through” to Democrats on removing election machines

Interesting video that was posted yesterday from Jessica Pollema from the election conspiracy group SD Canvassing. In this video from “Frank TV” with pillow guy Mike Lindell, both are expressing frustration that Republicans aren’t really buying their crackpot message.. and Pollema drops a truth bomb that “some of the people we have finally been able to get through to are the Democrats.”

From about 7:30 minutes to 9 minutes, Pollema and the Pillow Guy go on about how Republicans aren’t buying their snake oil, but Democrats and “new Republicans” are.  When Pillow Guy and Jessica Pollema are singing the praises of Democrats Amy Kloubuchar and Kamala Harris wanting to get rid of counting machines, one has to ask which side they’re on?

So, if SD Canvassing is working with Democrats to remove machine counting from elections.. It begs the question why county republican organizations such as Yankton and Minnehaha are giving them so much oxygen in front of GOP groups?

20 thoughts on “SD Canvassing head claiming they are “getting through” to Democrats on removing election machines”

  1. Democrats had been crying for years prior to Trump that the machines were corrupt. There are a ton of videos of Harris and Klobuchar talking about this issues from YEARS ago. They were upset that their party wasn’t “selected” or so they thought. The reality is that they now know the uniparty is good for them and they are fighting to keep machines to ensure they stay in power. If a DEM county commissioner (presumably in Fall River County since they just voted 5-0 to go to hand counting) is seeing the light on machines, good. We should be ecstatic about that. He must love his country and truth and transparency in government. Good for him.

  2. I don’t believe there are any problems with South Dakota elections that can’t easily be fixed. To profess that we have some kind of scandalous problem counting ballots is an insult to the thousands of dedicated volunteers who work at the polls for every election.

  3. re: harris and klobuchar – – one of my favorite internet memes right now has a pic of sean bean from “lord of the rings,” where the fellowship is at rivendell, and bean’s character boromir makes a case to KEEP the ring and not destroy it.

    in the meme of the grasping hand motion boromir makes, the caption says “Of all the things that did NOT happen, THIS did not happen the MOST.”

    1. for all the lies told about it, we had about as perfectly run of an election in 2020 as the US has ever had. when I look ahead to this november’s vote count, i just see a smoldering wreckage of uncountable votes, and about a dozen of you standing in the middle of it all laughing.

  4. This is not a party issue. Voters have the right to have a vote counting system that they can all understand and trust. That hinges on having their neighbors being election workers that hand out the ballots, collect the ballots. and count the ballots. The insult to election workers is to tell them you can not count the ballots and tell them “we have a machine that is more legitimate then you”. One counting machine is more susceptible to corruption then the dozens of citizen ballot counters it replaces.

    1. go to, search “accuracy of hand counting ballots vs machine counting ballots.” The counting machines have been proven to be more accurate than a hand count over and over and over again. There also is not a shred of evidence that these machines were compromised during the 2020 election. At one point, I had a decent amount of respect for the pillow guy. but he has now gone to the darkest depths of this conspiracy theory and lost all credibility. Unfortunately, Mrs. Poll-enema and her cult canvassing crew following are right behind him pitchforks in hand.


    Go to minute 29 and onward. This is an attack on counties and elected officials. They’re attacking a county where they got everything they wanted. A county willing to do a 100% post election audit so they could compare and KNOW for sure if there was or WASNT fraud. Instead of being happy they’re attacking on crazy TV and circulating their bogus petition. Please legislators put an end to this insanity and make it clear that federal elections must be tabulated!

    1. They really are a friendly group of people to work with…….. I have not watched the video and I am not going to watch the video. I have better use of my time. I am not sure if the canvassing queen brought up my citation of “old law” in the video or not, but if she did, to clear that up, I inadvertently cited SDCL 12-17A instead of SDCL 12-17B. Chapter 17A was replaced by 17B. If she would have taken two minutes to go look at the actual statues she would have realized that, but making attacks gets many more clicks.

  6. It is not a matter if computers can count faster or more accurate it is a matter about which system is the least corruptible. It is easier to corrupt one vote counting machine then the 5 to 10 voting centers with multiple election workers that are your neighbors and with poll watchers that you also know. People have the right to an election process that they understand and trust. I am not debating if SD elections have been correct or not, but which system gives us the best chance of giving us SD elections that are correct.

    1. RD has to stand for Really Dumb if you keep getting told you’re wrong, with proof mind you, while you prattle on with your lies.

        1. RD what safeguards would you propose against Extraterrestrial intervention in vote counting? Farraday shielding will only go so far.

          1. What is the lie you are talking about?Now you are getting the point, no one in the local government or local election workers know how these machines work. Only the mfr of the hardware and software plus the maintenance worker knows. And it only takes one of them to corrupt the machine. And thanks for the blessing.

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