SD Municipal League Executive Director resigns..

From an e-mail that went out from the Municipal League, apparently their group lost their executive director yesterday:

What’s the reason? This is only anecdotal, but one correspondent tells me they suspect it was plain burnout under the crushing weight of the session.

The word I’m getting is that because of the sheer amount of legislation being brought, last session the Municipal League was trying to cover over 100 bills.. and this year that number increased to over 150 bills that the group was forced to steward in their area of advocacy and legislation.  I can’t speak to the accuracy of that statement, but it would make sense. It’s a good possibility that a near-impossible job might have something to do with Reiss seeking greener pastures.

And it may be a point of reflection for the group representing municipal governments across the state to restructure their efforts and how they approach the legislative session, and that they need to send more troops in the face of legislators trying to bring more government.

7 thoughts on “SD Municipal League Executive Director resigns..”

  1. Very strange. It would seem that one would not typically resign with three weeks left of session. More to this story I suspect.

      1. Tragic, because there is so much on the table. State Government has to “pass through” various federal funds to municipalities that can pay 80% of the costs for sewer and water projects that are pretty essential for many communities. These “one time programs” are vital as much of our sewer infrastructure is one hundred years old and failing. South Dakota state government has been inconsistent in the past about accepting federal funding. Roads and bridges are also a high priority.

      2. burn out through six weeks of session? If that’s the case, they had the wrong guy to start.

        I don’t mean to simplify session, but if you show up where you’re supposed to be, tell the truth, and try to build relationships with others, you’ll be in good shape. You don’t have to win everything. And you don’t have to know everything.

        1. I think it’s about under staffing. You can only be so many places at one time.

          You can only be an expert on so many topics.

          You can only take so much time away from your kids.

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