Governor Kristi Noem – Checking the boxes!

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  1. Must be a very very bitter pill for all you CAH fanboys to have to face. The fact Governor Noem has had the business and political successes that shortyberger can only dream about. What a bunch of losers!

  2. Admittedly, I am afflicted with both Trump Derangement Syndrome and Noem Derangement Syndrome. It’s a tough diagnosis when you’ve started out life campaigning for Goldwater and Gubbrud. Neither Trump or Noem strikes me as traditional Republicans but as opportunists taking advantage of people’s fears and biases. I guess they deserve each other.

  3. I could see Governor Noem being appointed to some obscure position in Pakistan or Bangladesh. It would be a great experience for her.

    VP pick? I see Steve Bannon, RFK Jr., Roger Stone, General Flynn, Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert as being a strong ticket worthy of having access to our nation’s nuclear launch codes.

    1. Ummmmm….. I really hope you’re joking. The thought of Lauren Boebert (among others on your list) controlling our nuclear launch codes is terrifying!

      1. Well the VP doesn’t control the launch codes the President does. Are you really comfortable with that power in the hands of the current president?

        1. yes. no question at all. biden should be the current holder of that power, because he won the 2020 election. it’s tragic for the nation that you take fox news’ word on joe biden’s functionality, instead of finding out how good it is for yourself. this is the most free country on earth, with the greatest free flow of information. the stronghold of intentional ignorance that exists here in the u.s. is truly breathtaking to behold. i fear for my kids and grandkids when i see it.

          1. There’s no need to take “Fox news’s word on Biden’s functionality” when his mental impairment is obvious to anyone who’s had a family member or friends that’ve suffered from dementia.

            If his current health issues don’t disturb you, and you don’t grasp the gravity of the situation, your intentional ignorance is truly breathtaking to behold. I fear for my country when I see it.

          2. “biden should be the current holder of that power, because he won the 2020 election”

            Let’s see if this is the same standard you hold when Trump gets reelected. I bet it won’t be.

            1. if trump wins after all votes are counted, fine. if trump is made president by actions in the red states and swing states that invalidate the election, and the u-s house just makes trump president, i will be not fine with it. my faith is in our laws and our many people, while trump has not met a single person or law that he can humbly submit to, and that is the inescapable truth.
              you all can just keep making your j6 prisoner songs, and fake memes of taylor swift holding glittery TRUMP 2024 banners, and keep mocking people’s concerns by insisting that you know about trumps crimes but, as you say “WE DON’T CARE!” you have all been groomed by political grooming experts, so don’t spoil it now by waking up.

              1. “if trump is made president by actions in the red states and swing states that invalidate the election, and the u-s house just makes trump president, i will be not fine with it.”

                Election denier.

                  1. That’s rich. I believe you are the one that is all in for a single, non-elected official making a decision to remove a candidate from the ballot without a trial and no conviction thus preventing the rest of the nation from possibly electing him.


          3. I stopped watching Fox quite some time ago. Anyone with even a half of a functioning brain can watch video clips of biden and know that something is seriously wrong with this individual.

            1. biden has been bad at extemporaneous speaking his whole adult life, yet he keeps feeling lead to try anyway. that you apply your vast gerontological knowledge to diagnosing him for us, free of charge, is kind and generous. i’ll just stick with facts and history thanks.

              1. Then why won’t Stumbles do the cognitive testing? You have all the faith in the world he is so all-together mentally, you should be demanding it to prove us wrong.

              2. He shakes hands with ghosts or air. He gets lost trying to leave the stage. He talks with people that have been dead for 20+ years. I could go on and on, nothing to see here,

  4. So, you wanna be a Vice President? Well, I believe that you have a couple million dollars in your campaign account… and he has a lot of lawyers to pay.

    “It’s called OPM. I do it all the time in business. It’s called other people’s money,” “There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money…” Donald Trump

  5. A Trump Mike Lindell ticket would be interesting if # 45 is going after complete loyalty. Alex Jones or Doeden VP?

    There is enough room in the swirling toilet bowl for all of them to be successfully flushed.

        1. Remember when Trump did not realize he was in Sioux City? The Lincoln Project lampoons this Putin shill all the time showing his mental decline.

  6. Mike Pence is waiting in the wings. He has experience serving as Vice President and successfully campaigning with President Trump. He is a Constitutional Conservative, a sincere Christian, and is dedicated to fiscal conservatism and small government. He says he’s forgiven Trump for advocating that “maybe Pence deserves it” when a crowd of Capitol Building tourists threatened to hang him. Plus, the campaign can save money by not having to redesign or even print up new bumper stickers.

    1. the only wings pence would be waiting in for trump, would find his head in a noose and his feet on a three legged milking stool.

  7. Just kidding enquirer…if we were living in a period of traditional American politics, Pence and Liz Chaney would be considered American Heroes who fought to keep our Constitution inviolate.

  8. When Kristi’s followers believe macro economic policy is like “balancing a checkbook”, the elites will prevail!

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