Final Ballot Explanation Released For Initiated Measure To Legalize Recreational Marijuana and Create Dual-Use Licenses

Final Ballot Explanation Released For Initiated Measure To Legalize Recreational Marijuana and Create Dual-Use Licenses

PIERRE, S.D. – The final ballot explanation for a draft initiated measure, proposed by Emmett Reistroffer of Rapid City, that would legalize recreational marijuana and create dual-use licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries, has been released filed with the Secretary of State by the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office.

Attorney General Marty Jackley takes no position on any such proposal for purposes of the ballot explanation. He has provided a fair and neutral explanation of the proposed initiated measure to help assist the voters.

The proposed initiated measure would allow individuals 21 years old or older to possess, grow, sell, ingest, and distribute marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia. The initiated measure does not affect laws dealing with hemp.  The measure also authorizes the South Dakota Department of Health to issue dual-use licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries.  A dual-use license allows dispensaries to sell marijuana to persons 21 years or older.

The final ballot explanation can be found here.

If the required 17,509 valid signatures are gathered and approved by the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office, the proposed initiated measure will be placed on the 2024 general ballot. A majority of the votes cast in the general election will be needed to pass the measure.

The Attorney General’s explanation was drafted after a review of all the comments received during the proposed amendment’s 10-day comment period. A total of six comments were received.

For more information regarding ballot measures, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.

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  2. A link to the approved initiative for circulation:

    I have intimate knowledge of the effects of cannabis, negative and positive. We cannot continue allowing opioids and alcohol to be legal while a preferred demonstrably safter alternative is held back from the market through disinformation and misuse of our legal apparatuses.

    The arguments against cannabis, in every case I’ve reviewed, rely on compounding circumstances and other factors the neglect that cannabis stays in the system 30 days. Meth and Cocaine leave the system quickly, and are rarely implicated as the proximate cause of psychotic episodes now being incorrectly attributed to cannabis. Even poor diet has greater negative consequences than cannabis.

    In reality, alcohol and meth are the most pressing degenerative cognitive inhibitors available and both can be obtained legally by federal law. I can’t think of another more clear example of how broken and degenerate our system has become than the prohibition of cannabis.

  3. Marijuana…then methamphetamines. Funny thing is all of those marijuana smokers are coming down with lung related issues and cancers….what’s next, “Marijuana that’s good for your ‘T’ zone”?

    1. Respiratory issues are correlated with smoking? Oh no, better throw people in jail for it, eh? I mean, IF ONLY they made it in an edible form, then that fact would be completely invalidated, wouldn’t it?

    2. The majority of studies done on this issue show no connection between smoking MJ and lung cancer. The few that did find a connection only showed a very small percentage increase in the possibility of MJ use causing lung cancer. Say what you wanna say, but the facts dont line up with your statement.

      1. Really! Sounds like Stoner science. Why not claim smoking weed cured cancer as many did during their campaign to legalize?

        Sign the petition to repeal, donate, volunteer and vote to get this garbage out of South Dakota.

        1. Not my claim. It’s simply what the actual facts say. But don’t let those get in your way. Hopefully you have the same viewpoint on alcohol because that is far more destructive individually and societally.

  4. It would be cheaper for the state to encourage recreational marijuana users to move to New Mexico since it has from what was posted above worked so well for that state. They can go live with Lar.

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