First Congressional poll shows Dusty Johnson smashing Bjorkman by over 20 points!


FORT PIERRE, SD – A scientific poll of 400 likely South Dakota voters shows strong support for Republican businessman Dusty Johnson, leading his Democratic opponent 54% – 33%. Johnson won a contested GOP primary in June by 18 percentage points.

“South Dakotans are looking for a tireless worker with conservative solutions to our nation’s problems,” said Will Mortenson, campaign manager for Dusty Johnson for Congress. “The support of South Dakota is encouraging, but Dusty won’t rest for a minute,” Mortenson added.

The poll was conducted by Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies. Public Opinion Strategies is among the top polling firms in the United States and has done extensive work in South Dakota. The poll of 400 likely South Dakota voters was conducted from August 1-3 and August 5, 2018.

Dusty Johnson is a Republican businessman running for the U.S. House of Representatives. He is a former Public Utilities Commissioner and Chief of Staff to the Governor. He is running for Congress to return power to families, businesses, communities, and states. He lives in Mitchell with his wife and three sons.


20 thoughts on “First Congressional poll shows Dusty Johnson smashing Bjorkman by over 20 points!”

  1. Cross Tabs? Also did we ever get cross tabs from that Billie Sutton poll?

    1. I doubt any campaign’s about to share the cross tab information with the general public – unless they’re trying to hand over valuable/expensive insight to their opponents….

  2. I posted a link to the Sutton poll’s summary in another thread:

    Same problem so far with the POS poll on the congressional race – no details. We don’t know the margin of error, confidence interval, how poll respondents were selected and contacted, the presumed composition of the electorate, etc. Each of these variables affects the nature and validity of the results.

    BTW, for those who criticized Billie for using a Democratic pollster, POS is a GOP pollster.

    1. Thank you Michael. Would be really interested to see what Billie’s name ID is.

    2. Sutton did to Kristi what she did to Jackley. She released a poll early showing her way ahead. Sutton showed himself competitive. Polls are not proven false until the argus or kelo or Rasmussen release a poll. Unlikely this far out.

      The problem with both Sutton and Bjorkman is that they are non existent campaigns. They dont have bold ideas or video or anything. They are waiting too long to develop any narratives.

      Johnson will get over 60% unless Bjorkman goes at him. Even then Johnson will still win.

  3. Public Opinion Strategies has won national pollster of the year before.

    This firm is top of the line, and the margin looks great for Team Dusty.

  4. if you don’t mind i’m just going to refer to them as public opinion strategies, and not use the initials.

    1. Or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Public Opinion Strategies is arguably the best in the business, and they have a deep history in correctly predicting SD races.

      Usually, you don’t see their polling in the media, as the candidates keep their stuff pretty close to their vests.

  5. 1) Kristi has worked with POS in the past.
    2) Kristi hasn’t refuted Surton’s polls.
    3) Someone should hire POS to poll the goubanatorial race.

    1. Public Opinion Strategies is Noem’s pollster in this campaign. She has hired them to poll this race.

    2. i would love to see that kristi is sealing the deal like she did in the primary, and numbers to verify.

    3. Kristi’s team is smart enough to know that an internal in August is not worth their time responding to.

  6. I would expect kristi’s numbers to be equal or better than dustys. the media’s polling is just to get them to buy more ads. I caught hell for saying the noem/ jackley race wasn’t close when the poll showing them close came out. more of the same. I know this comes as terrible news to the cowboy caucus.

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