Former SDDP Vice-Chair claims dislike of Trump supporters not partisan issue. KOTA-TV lets him get away with it.

There are days where you can’t help but wonder if media outlets are in the bag for Democrats. And there are days when media outlets get on the rooftops and scream it.

Today is one of those days.

Rapid City TV Station KOTA just had a story featuring Joe Lowe, the immediate past (as in less than 3 months) Vice Chair for the South Dakota Democrat Party, who was also a candidate for Governor in 2014 in the Democrat Primary, and has written about the president as Dem Party vice-chair, calling him “maniacal:.”

Get a load of what KOTA-TV just allowed him to claim without calling him on it one iota:

The store opened this week and is one of three pop-ups attracting Donald Trump supporters during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The store sells everything from hats to buttons to shirts.


Not everyone is as excited about the store. Joe Lowe is a Rapid City resident who says it’s not a partisan issue for him.

“It’s a flag issue for me. It’s just disrespectful and it’s against the United States Code,” said Lowe, pointing to an American flag with Trump’s image superimposed on top of.

Read the entire story here.

So, the local TV station for the immediate past Dem Party Vice-chair – who is well aware of his party activism –  actually allowed him to go on the air and claim he wasn’t being partisan in going after Trump supporters, without disclaiming or identifying his position in the state Democrat Party whatsoever?

Nice reporting KOTA. Next time, let us know when you’re going be a news show instead of propaganda for the Democrat Party.

7 thoughts on “Former SDDP Vice-Chair claims dislike of Trump supporters not partisan issue. KOTA-TV lets him get away with it.”

    1. It’s freedom of speech. Joe Lowe was the head fire fighter for SD for many year. Thank you for your service Mr. Lowe.

  1. I’ve been to a military base funeral for a young South Dakota soldier killed in Iraq. Once you attend something that somber, you would NEVER disrespect the US Flag in any way, or allow disrespect to go unnoticed. If this report is true, this store is selling one or more Trump items that violate the US Flag Code, and therefore disrespect the US Flag in the name of partisan patriotism and profit. That’s the takeaway of this report. Otherwise, methinks you dost protest too much.

  2. ” KOTA-TV just allowed him to claim without calling him on it one iota:”– The guy was expressing his opinion and you think the station should have jumped his ass? You think THAT would NOT have been biased? Unfrigginbelievable—— You people try to wrap yourselves in the flag and look for reasons to call others traitors if they don’t go by YOUR rules and you don’t give a damn about REAL desecration of the flag when the crap on it is crap you support— THere needs to be another word for hypocrites, but you people would never understand the meaning of it either….

    1. Who said they should have jumped him? They know he was Dem party vice chair, and had a responsibility to simply disclose that as opposed to portraying him as “nonpartisan.”

  3. This might be your most impressive spin yet. Tell me, is he wrong? Or would you be equally as supportive if Bernie’s head was on a U.S. flag?

    I have a similar issue with the Blue Lives Matter flag. It’s usually the hardcore right wingers flying those but then complain about others disrespecting the flag.

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