Glad to see I could help the Argus today.

I had to laugh as I was reading the Argus this AM, as it sure appears that not just one, but two stories today were inspired by what I’d written yesterday.

First, was what I’d excerpted from Bob Mercer on the Jackley/Mickelson fued, and what I’d noted on Mickelson probably commenting further on the issue that afternoon, as well as at the 4/1 Lincoln Day Dinner here in Brookings. .


And what did we end up with in the Argus?


Yep.  And it wasn’t just that story. Later in the day, I’d sent a note to Al Novstrup, because I know what a big open government guy he is, and asked him about the teacher record story the Argus was running..


I think it took them all of ten minutes to get in touch of him after I’d posted my story…


Of course, no mention that his comments first appeared on my website, which is par for the course at the Argus.

If they’re going to be basing so much content off of what appears here, I’d suggest that Gannett put me on the payroll. But then again, I know what reporters make, and I’d be guessing that it would be a pay cut.

Regardless – that’s the advantage of reading the SDWC. You know you’re getting the good stuff here!

16 thoughts on “Glad to see I could help the Argus today.”

  1. Dana and Patrick need to better learn their craft. They “should have” given credit to your site. surrenders. Credible journalists give credit where credit is due.

  2. The Novstrup one was the most glaring, because there was nowhere else they would have gotten that. But, meh. I’m used to it.

  3. I’m Patrick and Dana’s editor. I support giving credit where credit is due. In this case, though, we learned about Novstrup’s plans because he contacted us via email. I wasn’t aware you’d weighed in on the topic until just now.

  4. Speaking of getting put on the payroll, Pat, did you see that your counterpart (I use that term loosely) in ND at the Say Anything blog joined the Fargo newspaper and will now have his blog housed there and provide commentary for the paper?

    1. Actually I did, and good for Rob. I think he’s a bit more full-time at that than I have the ability to be here, and his dedication has paid off.

      South Dakota Media has only flirted with taking bloggers under their wing, but none have found a way to make it “click” (or double click) yet.

      1. Agreed . One of the biggest stories in SD right now, and you hear nothing from DWC. Not getting the good stuff here, getting the censored stuff.

        1. Why would Pat bite the hand that feeds? He just does whatever he is paid to do. No original thought in sight.

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