GOP Blasts past 100,000 vote advantage over South Dakota Dems

South Dakota Republican Party Registration surpasses
Democrat Party Registration by over 100,000 voters.

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman announced today that as of Wednesday, voter registration for the South Dakota Republican Party has overtaken that of South Dakota Democrats by over 100,000 registered voters.

“This is tremendous news for the GOP and is very telling how the values of everyday South Dakotans align with the values of the South Dakota Republican Party,” Lederman said. “When you think South Dakota, people think less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. The policies of the Republican party act as a magnet, and attract voters, at the same time the values of the Democrat Party make people want to run away.”

Lederman continued, “While Democrats are saddled with avowed socialists such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who cost South Dakota Democrats voters every time they pop up in the news,  President Trump is very popular in the state, and is a positive for the ticket as we move into the 2020 elections.”

Democrats are not just fighting a 100,000 vote lead by the GOP, but they also find themselves in danger of being overtaken by Independents, who currently stand at over 129,000 votes, putting Democrats at less than a 30,000 vote advantage over those choosing to be Independent/No party affiliation.

As recently as 2006, state Democrats had managed to whittle the party registration difference down to fewer than a 37,000 vote difference in July of 2009, but the intervening years have not been kind to the Democrat brand. Chairman Lederman noted, “While the Republican Party is hitting record numbers of registrants, Democrats have an image problem causing them to lose voters who find it more palatable to identify as independent.

12 thoughts on “GOP Blasts past 100,000 vote advantage over South Dakota Dems”

  1. Explanation why South Dakota is so far behind the rest of the world. And also why South Dakota is a welfare state, bilking money from higher wage earners in other states to have their “balanced” budget.” What a lot of morons.

    1. Sigh. Your a brite one. Because other states that her tax their residents it’s our fault?
      The numbers you cite include the air-force base and the federal governments obligations to native Americans.
      Along with the federal parks and monuments.
      Shy not try to convince people to join you instead of insulting them. Just saying.

  2. Do you think the political “reporter” from the Argus has a broken keyboard. It’s been crickets from them on this YUGE story.

  3. Agree, YUGE story. The other huge story is what happens when the political opposition is all but eliminated? The guns turn inward and we all start shooting at each other. The Taffy Howard-Drew Dennert crybaby wing of the republican party is a prime example.

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