GOP Candidate Lora Hubbel persists in racist comments against Sen. Troy Heinert. And she still needs to resign from race.

Lora Hubbel apparently can’t stop being Lora Hubbel.

That includes the ugly side she exposes which highlight why she should never be elected to office.

If you’ll note her new comments on a story by Lakota Country Times about her attack on Democrat State Senator Troy Heinert…:

Hubbel was lambasted by Native Americans who took offense to the tone and implication of Hubbel’s post. Pat Powers of the South Dakota War College called on Hubbel to exit the race. Hubbel would continue in the post saying that she is not a racist and that the choice of Bruce Whalen, an Oglala Lakota citizen, as a running mate was further evidence.

Hubbel did not seem to understand the offensive nature of her Pocahontas comment. President Donald Trump angered much of Indian Country when he referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas in the past. Trump says that she has attempted to use a claim of Native ancestry to gain political favor. Hubbel’s use of the term was a low-blow and many Native Americans take offense to non-Native people attempting to decide who warrants tribal-citizenship.

Hubbel stood by her comments in statement provided to LCT.

“If I called someone “King Tut” I would be doing so because I thought they held a much higher opinion of themselves then what others do. I meant similar with Sen. Heinert. I tried to reduce Troy Heinert a bit by calling him a famous Indian. Others have said similar when we hear the now infamous quote, “and you, sir, are no Ronald Reagan!” I have been told I erred and should have called him, Faux-cahontas because he pretending to be a caliber of a person that he is not. Troy is nothing like the heroine Pocahontas,” said Hubbel.

First, he has a much diluted blood line to the American Indians. Second of all he threw the Indian kids under the bus by refusing to call the perpetrators of the Gear Up Scandal in for questioning.


Heinert condemned the comments.

Read it all here.

New offensive comments trying to deflect criticism by claiming Heinert has a “much diluted blood line to the American Indians?”   Good god.   Lora Hubbel still doesn’t get it.

And as before, she needs to resign from the race.

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  1. So Pat, has this become the race-bait blog of SD? The last 2 days it was Neal Tapio about race and Islamophobia. Now you are race-baiting Lora Hubbel against the Indians? I would love to commend Brandon Ecoffey, owner and editor of the Lakota Country Times for doing a great article and setting the record straight. Pat, I suggest you take some lessons from Brandon instead of the National Enquirer.

  2. Pat….you have never ever talked to me, you have no idea who I am. How about an interview for once?

    1. As usual, that’s not exactly true Lora.

      Otherwise, why would I interview you? Are you going to resign from the race for your offensive statements?

      1. Hell No. Maybe Heinert should resign. By the way I went to SDPB to post the Tribal Relations committee meeting from Vermillion and Rapid City. Well looks like both podcasts were taken down. Imagine that.

          1. It was up at one time. I did go to the meeting in Vermillion and listened to whole thing. If people and especially the Indian people listened to the meeting and how each Legislator voted, they would then why Lora said what she did.

  3. Funny. I see Lora is posting on her page that Pat “doesn’t even know her”. She’s truly clueless how ignorant her posts are. You don’t have to have met her to see she needs to seek help. She’d be best serving both the state and herself by dropping out. Even the casual observer can easily see she is unelectable. And, cue her one supporter…….

    1. Jon, got it, you don’t like Lora. That’s an opinion you’ve made very clear and I’m sure your insults could write us a novel. When you say things like “she needs to seek help” do you have a license to make that diagnosis? We see this same thing happening to Trump and when these claims are made by people without a documented license, it’s not very convincing.

      I do think you need to spend time with someone to actually “know” them. Some people on here claim to know me, but they don’t. They’ll call TJones & Tapio racists and I disagree. How much do we really know someone? At times, we’ll hear comments from people who’ve experienced a family member committing suicide say, “I never knew they were so depressed or lost. I wish they would’ve talked to me.” I’ve said it.

      I agree with Hubbel’s stand on: pro-life, eliminate Common Core, transparency in Pierre, concerns about immigration and refugee resettlement and the need to reduce entitlement program spending. I disagree with her about vaccines and other conspiracy topics. Do I think she will win? No. Do I think she should drop out? Nope. She brings attention to issues that need to be talked about and I don’t think she’s the type to get back to her day job when she’s obviously passionate about politics.

      She’s not politically correct, she doesn’t tip-toe around making sure not to offend anyone, she’s not afraid of false accusations made about her, she’s loud and we can hear her…good or bad. I think she’d hold her own in a debate with other candidates and a Q&A to follow. I hope we see some scheduled in the future.

      Say what you will, we all got advice to give;)

      1. I never said anything even close to the effect of “I don’t like her”.. what I have said, and will say again, is that she has zero chance of winning, and makes it worse almost every time she posts. All you have to do is scroll through her posts, and it’s abundantly clear she is, at best, a wild conspiracy theorist. She grasps at any straw hoping to find a platform to run on. Nanobots ? Back to Sleep?

      2. How do you know she’s not politically correct? How do you know she doesn’t tip-toe around causing offense? How do you know she’s not afraid of accusations? How do you know she can hold her own in a debate? How do you know she’s not suicidal? Even if you know her, you said you don’t know her.

        FFS. All we have to go on is her words and actions. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. If she doesn’t think she’s a duck, it’s up to her to project a different image.

        1. Ike – Leave me alone. I’ve asked once. Like I said, if we were on a forum that allowed me to block your account, I would and I’d flag you for inappropriate language.

          You can’t resist, no self-control. Leave me alone. Porter use to do this too. Stop it.

          1. It’s ok snowflake. For someone who consistently spews such vitriol, you have thin skin.

            1. That’s right, I’ve told people to STFU, called them clowns, uneducated, full of right-wing nonsense, racist, bigot? That’s what I do.

              Tolerance, no exceptions. Well, I don’t have to tolerate being attacked over and over. Again, if we were on a different forum, Ike would be blocked and flagged. That’s not thin skinned, it’s taking a stand against internet bullies.

              Good try though, maybe next time.

              1. You poor victim of oppression. I’m sure if you whine enough you will get the echo chamber you want.

      3. Well it’s refreshing to hear an intelligent comment from KM. By the way KM, there is not a candidate out there that you are going to agree with 100% of the time. I don’t even agree with Lora all the time either, but I will say this, you definitely know where she stands.

        1. Yes, she’s certainly made it clear where she stands;) I’ve watched those videos you’ve posted and the live stream when an event was held giving the candidates a chance to talk about their ideas.

          Conservatives’ morals and values are constantly attacked. Me, you, Sibby Online, Lora, Tapio all pro-life people. Look at the comment section in the most recent Tapio post, it’s all “hate speech”. My goodness, Jake was telling us how we can look at someone and know they’re racists, how ignorant.

          We’re not allowed to have ideas, to question, to speak our minds unless Leftists have dictated to us what to say. Who are they to tell us we need to seek help, call us names with no evidence to back their claims, tell us what “hate speech” is? ‘Tolerance, no exceptions’ is what they’ll yell at us, but it doesn’t work both ways and we see examples on many of SDWC comment sections.

          1. You, sibby, Tara, tapio, and Lora are the alt right who will almost guarantee Dems take the white house back and further put conservatism in the grave. You aren’t doing our parties any favors. You represent the crazy fringe.

            1. No, we’re what is coming to be known as the “New-Right”. We don’t fall in line with the establishment. The alt-right are Nazis, though claims have been made, I’m not a Nazi. I don’t want people to die because of their beliefs, their skin color, age, ability, or sex.

              No, I don’t represent the crazy fringe. Many, many people are concerned about the issues I’ve expressed here and on other blogs. Why would I need to do my party any favors, I’m an individual and don’t necessarily identify with a particular party. I lean right, that’s been made clear.

              You keep looking in your crystal ball to see the future. I’ll stick to what’s happening with our taxes, the fight to protect the Constitution, Americans and our freedoms.

            2. Anon, yes there is an Alternative grassroots populist movement that is sweeping the country. How do you think Trump got elected?

            3. I will continue to say what I believe is “right”, and have anonymous chickens call it “alt-right”, so they don’t have to deal with issues intellectually. But I do give you credit for being smart enough to remain anonymous. That way you avoid personal attacks, as you personally attack others.

      4. What’s not to like about Lora?

        Racially offensive statements, Anti-vaxxer paranoia, name-calling, utterly bizarre statements, and claiming we suffered God’s punishment in Vietnam because “America did NOT support Israel when they asked for bombers to help them destroy Auschwitz…”

        The list is so, so long

        1. You can pick things out of context about anybody. How about the President’s quote of the day, “Why are we having all these people from sh*t hole countries come here?”

  4. This is Indian related, something the SD lame stream media doesn’t want to touch. ttps://

  5. She learned this one from Trump. What do expect from State leaders when national leaders act like toddlers?

  6. Why on god’s green earth are we having a conversation about a candidate who can’t win? May as well start talking about LaFluer as well. Who care what Hubbel says? The electorate in South Dakota hasn’t paid attention to her for years. Why would they start now?

    1. Sorry Tommy, you are wrong. He wouldn’t be out to destroy her if she wasn’t a threat. She’s got a pretty good silent majority.

  7. I think Lora was feeling left out and a bit jealous that Tapio was getting so much attention under the “Crazy Spotlight” this week, so she had to put something out there to get some attention.

    1. You can thank Lakota Country Times for that wonderful story. SD lame stream media should publish the LCT article.

  8. She can say whatever she wants. I don’t think anyone should resign because of a politically incorrect statement. Let the voters decide, not peer pressure from the press.

    That being said she doesn’t have a coherent enough position for me to get behind, the pointing fingers everywhere approach doesn’t solve anything.

  9. Remember when Bishop Robert Carlson told Tom Daschle to stop calling himself a Catholic?

    It’s time to tell certain people to stop calling themselves Republicans

    1. I don’t remember that Anne, as I’m too young and didn’t really care about politics when I lived with mom and dad;) You know that whole thing about being a Liberal when you don’t have much to care about. As we start to live life, we tend to be more conservative because we understand better how taxes and the such has an impact on our life.

      I get your point, but does it really matter what party one identifies with? It doesn’t really to me, it’s more about policy and issues. Some reps are Republican and Catholic and vote against the pro-life agenda. Recently, we saw a Rep accused of a sex scandal that included tying up a woman and then blackmailing her. Once he was a Democrat and now he’s a registered Republican. What does that mean?

      I respect your thoughts and your post about pro-life Democrats was awesome. But, I’m going to encourage Lora to keep talking. As we see Chplraj point out, there are issues that should be addressed. Why is no one from our local media discussing these concerns? Some people aren’t afraid to talk or afraid to offend and that’s a good thing.

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