Gordon Howie spin on “Draft Stace Nelson” is up and wobbling.

From the mind of Gordon Howie:

“Dan Kaiser was pressured to withdraw” That is the report of credible sources at the South Dakota Republican Convention. Conservative delegates (many of whom wanted Nelson in the first place) are now working to Draft him as the nominee for Lt. Governor.

Said absolutely no one ever.

I know a couple of those rooms had liquor in them, but someone really drank the spiked punch before stringing those words together.

No one at convention I see circulating in public is trying to draft Nelson. In fact, a couple pointed out Chris Nelson in jest as the kinder, gentler Nelson who was ok to talk to, while the other one was cursing at people over votes he lost, and is radioactive at this point.

And no one pressured Dan Kaiser to withdraw. He was never interested to start, hence him disavowing the whole effort for over a week.

But let Gordon have his fantasies. It makes for light reading.

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