Dan Kaiser distances himself from Nelson promoting him for Lt.

We’re hearing from the horse’s mouth this AM as Dan Kaiser is disavowing himself from the Stace Nelson led movement to have delegates install him as Lt. Governor.

(Maybe next time Stace should ask the guy he’s trying to nominate.)

15 Replies to “Dan Kaiser distances himself from Nelson promoting him for Lt.”

  1. Travis

    Smart move Dan…get ahead of this before you get run over with Nelson’s antics.

    Nelson fails again….

  2. Troy Jones

    As of this morning, the Draft Dan facebook page had only 65 “likes”. I get that many likes telling people I’m spending a blizzard in my boxers watching sports eating doritos and drinking beer.

    1. Anono2

      Depends…original Doritos or Cool Ranch? And what kind of beer? I will not waste a “Like” without having all the important details…I mean, a person can’t just go handing out “Likes” all willy nilly!

      1. Troy Jones

        Dorito Spicy Nacho to be dipped into their nacho cheese which the jar is warmed in boiling water and then kept in a bowl with warm water.

        Original Doritos to be dipped in Jacky’s salsa which I spice up with Frank’s Cayenne Sauce.

        My first beer is a Stella but subsequent are Bud. Need to move to a less filling beer.

        Want my brand of Boxers?

        1. Anono2

          no, we can safely draw the line of information gathering at boxer brands…I would be willing to surrender a “Like” to this menu…

        2. Pat Powers Post author

          I’m kind of partial to the Duluth Trading Co Buck Naked Patterned Boxer Briefs. In case anyone is buying Father’s Day gifts.

  3. grudznick

    I am glad Mr. Kaiser looks forward to what he expects will be an excellent choice. But I have to wonder…what if the choice isn’t “Republican Enough” for some people?

  4. Troy Jones

    Lee, you are crying but it is true. My blizzard plans are more significant than Stace’s repeated effort to diss real conservaticpve Republicans.

    I am however nobody wants to know m.y boxer brand,

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