Group sending out e-mails demanding Kaiser for Lt. Gov, despite Kaiser saying no.

Someone is slow on the uptake.

A group fronted by Rep Liz May & Eric Leggett is joining Stace Nelson in trying to nominate Dan Kaiser for Lt Governor, despite Dan Kaiser having distanced himself from the concept about a week ago:

For Immediate Release:
For more information contact:
Representative Liz May, Chairwoman Senate, House, Executive (SHE), Political Action Committee
605-441-7669 (cell)
Email: [email protected]
Senate, House, Executive (SHE), Political Action Committee, Current, and Former Republican Legislators Endorse conservative Representative Dan Kaiser to be Republican Lieutenant Governor nominee

Kyle, SD (June 19, 2019) – Current conservative legislators join former conservative icons, in advance of the Republican state convention, in endorsing conservative Representative Dan Kaiser (R-Aberdeen) to be the Republican Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

On Saturday, Republican delegates will cast official votes to determine who is on the November general election ballot as the Republican Party candidate for Public Utilities Commission, School & Public Lands Commissioner, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Lieutenant Governor.

“The Republican Party has been and continues to be stigmatized from the EB-5 and GEAR Up scandals that continue to erode the trust of the public. We must get back to the principles of our Party and nominate a Lieutenant Governor based on a proven record as a public servant on core Republican principals and not allegiance to the political process. Historically in the past, many Republican Lieutenant Governor nominees came from the delegates at the convention and not by gubernatorial nominees. We need a Lieutenant Governor nominee who’s a loyal public servant for the people of South Dakota and has a proven record of following core Republican principals. We need a Lieutenant Governor who will work alongside the Governor nominee to safeguard South Dakota and the Party from political posturing and restore the trust back in government. Conservative Representative Dan Kaiser towers above any person being considered for the gubernatorial nominee, with that key criteria.” Said Rep Liz May. “We support Congresswoman Noem’s campaign vowing to clean up the corruption and bring fiscal responsibility back to state government. The way to do that is electing a Lieutenant Governor at the convention based on a proven record and not political allegiances. By supporting a nominee with a proven conservative track record of fighting crime, fiscal responsibility and the experience necessary with the legislative branch, Representative Dan Kaiser has the only record to restore the publics trust back in state government.”

Joining Rep. Liz May (R-Kyle) in her support and endorsement of Representative Dan Kaiser are some of South Dakotas most conservative current and past legislators: Rep. Sam Marty (R-Prairie City), Rep. Steve Livermont (R-Martin), Rep. Tim Goodwin (R-Rapid City), Rep. Drew Dennert (R-Aberdeen), Rep. Tom Pischke (R-Dell Rapids), Rep. Lynne Hix-DiSanto (R-Rapid City), Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller (R-Rapid City), Rep. “Chip” Campbell (R-Rapid City), Senator Phil Jensen (R-Rapid City), Senator Stace Nelson (R-Fulton), Senator Emeritus Betty Olson (R-Prairie City), Senator Emeritus Gordon Howie (R-Rapid City), and Representative Emeritus Don Kopp (R-Rapid City).

Senator Emeritus Gordon Howie? Is that the part where it’s supposed to dawn on us that this is an attempt at humor?

The e-mail blast also includes the following postcard that was designed, but not sent (at least yet):

You’d think they’d take the hint, and wait for Candidate-elect Kristi Noem to announce who she wants to campaign with as her running mate?  Nope. Of course they’re running against the nominee for Governor.

Let’s see how that works for Stace, Liz & crew.

37 thoughts on “Group sending out e-mails demanding Kaiser for Lt. Gov, despite Kaiser saying no.”

  1. Like voters did West River on June 5th and again yesterday, it is time delegates to the State Convention send a clear message to Stace and his band of crazies, their 10 minutes at the microphone are up. The SD Republican Party is not drinking the Kool-Aid he is trying to serve. Kristi Noem will put forward the Lt. Gov. nomination she feels will best serve SD. It will not be Kaiser.

  2. What a rogue group of idiots. Is it possible that they are really this clueless and yet hold actual seats as legislators? How do they write laws? Or perhaps this is why Stacey Nelson is at 0% for legislation passed in the last two sessions.

    Wake up SD these people are worse than democrats and I honestly did not think that was humanly possible.

  3. Go find someone who will not denounce your nomination. I welcome these guys being A-holes all day but I don’t welcome them being stupid. You have no insurrection if the person you want is denouncing your idea.

    Just get Stace or Liz May to run.

    1. Sutton picked a Republican and they rubber stamped it. Noem hasn’t even picked someone and we have a clash on our hands.

      I welcome the theater and chaos of Stace Nelson. Krebs should run. The two ladies don’t like each other.

      Rhoden is the best choice for noem. I hope he is picked.

      1. Will Nelson and his squad being calling everyone Democrats at the convention?

        1. Why do you think most of them are not coming until Saturday morning….they loath the Republican party as it is not PURE enough for them.

  4. Why don’t they nominate Krebs? She might win and none of Kristi’s supporters like her anyway.

    1. She’d do as good a job as she’s done as Secretary of State.

      On second thought.

  5. Anyone really think those delegates loyal to Noem will reject her choice?

    How about those who want to defer to the Governor nominee out of respect?

    Or, those who were for Jackley are going to pick Laura’s husband instead of getting behind Noem in a sign of unity?

    Since the answer to the above is clearly no, does anyone think the rest of the delegates amount to a majority?

    This is the weirdest fight picked with a newly minted nominee from your own party I’ve ever seen. The only rationale that can make sense is they want Billie Sutton to be Governor.

    1. It has nothing to do with LT Gov….Stace and the group are trying to get people out to defeat Ravnsborg…plain and simple.

  6. So, what you are saying is they don’t think their guy for AG creates enough excitement for Russell to win and they think taking on the Governor-nominee is going to help?

    When you read what they wrote in the press release and the issues they raised, it looks more like an admission they know Russell won’t be AG or they know he is going to drop out and run for Senate re-election. Of course, that assumes they are rational.

    1. This has nothing to do with the AG’s race. It is mostly about trying to be powerful.

    2. The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct.

  7. Wouldn’t expect anything less of this group, trying to make Kristi’s first big decision as governor for her. This group is a joke.

    1. The LtGov nomination isn’t for Kristi to give or make. Not sure how wise it is to pick a fight with Liz May, Noem needs these conservatives more than they need Noem.

      1. Pffffft. They need Kristi far more than Kristi needs a bunch of backstabbing jerks.

  8. Funny how you can always tell these who lean Left by their attitude of entitlement..

    Nelson triggers the liberals here in SD worse than Trump does nationally. Nelson’s not even involved in this press release and you’re giving him credit.

  9. Mr. Russell is one handsome devil and will probably win on that alone. He needs no help.

    But let grudznick remind you fellows that Mr. Howie is insaner than most, and most of his Howites are even insaner than he.

    But what if Laura Kaiser’s support and commercials were contingent upon this nomination? That’s a thought that should scare the legislatures up the side walls.

  10. Something we all agree on, if it is from stace it will come in third place. Really Kaiser? Kaiser who couldn’t even win his sheriff’s race, forced upon delegates? Get a clue.

  11. And Grudznick, Lance is a handsome devil as uncle fester is a handsome devil. Both are as charismatic as handsome.

  12. Neither Nelson, Kaiser or May even achieved conservative excellence on this unbiased national conservative group! And barely made ‘achievement’. May didn’t make either… And whose conservative again???

    Here is our South Dakota legislative scorecard:

    And here is the link where you can view all our other state scorecards as well as Congress:

    1. It’s funny that there is one person, the likely pick, who scored better than Kaiser. And this group of morons is screaming “not conservative enough”.

    2. I just noticed an error on the comment I made above. May did in fact get the achievement award in 2017. I was looking at her lifetime score of 73% conservative voting. I stand corrected. And it was only Nelson that barely made achievement, not Kaiser. Again, looking at his lifetime of 80%, not his 2017 86% (which is also commendable). What’s fair is fair and I felt the need to correct that.

  13. Need May comment sounds like a threat. These people are the definition of RINO and Quisling-cooperators withDems and Sutton. And dumb to boot.

  14. Glad to see all these names so I know who NOT to vote for should any of them ever be on my ballot. Losers.

  15. This is both baffling and disrespectful to Kristi Noem. Why not at least wait until she has announced who she desires to pick? Furthermore, Dan Kaiser has said no. It’s not even a “If I am forced into this I will serve”. He doesn’t want it. Unless I am missing something.

  16. Lol. These clowns picked this clown to get behind? It would seal a victory in Aberdeen for Sutton.

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