16 thoughts on “Noem to announce Lt. Gov pick Tomorrow – Wednesday June 20th!”

  1. Liz May said it has to be Dan Kaiser so I’m not sure what there is to announce.

    1. While Kaiser might be a veteran, he is no friend to those whom he thinks are not as veteran as he is.

      He would not get my support.

      1. Kaiser isn’t the sharpest tool. But he is a tool, just ask his wife. She blabbed about how dumb Dan is so much that her attorneys in her federal case filed a motion to exclude testimony about it.

      1. Picking Rhoden will give Sutton more votes. Sutton could very well become our new Governor. Rhoden will not pick up any more votes for Kristi.

  2. I would have announced the name today, but she knows what she’s doing. I’ve complete confidence her pick will be superb.

  3. So if you could bet $5 straight up on 1) Rhoden, or 2) every person other than Rhoden, which would you pick?

  4. What about Mickelson?…. Wait a minute, I have a better idea. What about a Democrat from Minnehaha or Pennington County?

  5. I hope it is Steve Westra, but I think it will probably be Larry Rhoden.

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