Gov. Kristi Noem Supports Israel

Gov. Kristi Noem Supports Israel

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, in the wake of the devastating invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists, Governor Kristi Noem issued a statement of support for the people of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Beloved people of Israel: your friends and allies in America stand with you. We support you in defending the homeland given to your people by God. These barbaric actions have shocked the conscience of the world. We share your anger at the viciousness of these attacks and the death, pain, and suffering it has caused, and we support your right to use all measures necessary to prevent future attacks.

“During my time on the House Armed Services Committee, I saw what regular violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists against Israel looks like. This goes so far beyond that – this was an act of war, an invasion of your sacred home.

“We are praying for a swift resolution to this war; for safety and peace for the hostages taken by the Hamas terrorists; for comfort to the families who have lost loved ones or whose lives have otherwise been forever changed by this horrific day; for the first responders to act calmly and quickly in their work of healing and repair; for Prime Minister Netanyahu and his armed forces to strike swiftly, truly, and with justice; and for Hamas to be driven from the face of the Earth as a just consequence for their atrocities.

“In the coming days, all Americans – and the whole world – must stand firm in our resolve to support the Israeli people. As Prime Minister Netanyahu said, ‘This war will take time. She will be hard. Challenging days are ahead. But… with the help of God… we will win.’ Godspeed to you, my friend Prime Minister Netanyahu, and to your people. You will win, and you have our support every step of the way.”

While Governor Noem served in Congress, she was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, which oversees the Department of Defense and numerous other aspects of our nation’s national security. Governor Noem has visited Israel numerous times to display her support for America’s most important strategic ally.


7 thoughts on “Gov. Kristi Noem Supports Israel”

  1. I’m sure one or more people on Governor Noem’s staff supports Israel, and I’m sure as such she has taken their advice and read and researched on her own and come to that conclusion.

    I would have advised Governor Noem to endorse peace, wait for evidence, build a coalition, and punish those who did this.


    Because “rockets” (or some portion of them) could also be biometrically targeted precision munitions aimed at dissidents and/or martyrs.

    This is the dynamic of the world we live in.

    I’m going back and forth with folks on twitter if you want to follow along in real time. @flowdoggy

    I also did a profanity laced hot take last night at SCL (virgin ears be warned).

    “Wise men say .. only fools rush in.”

    Did you see how fast the aid money got started again? Didn’t take any time at all for another 8 billion to vector in. Because we have such little oversight into the Ukraine aid, it could all be funnelling .. to the same place.

    Iron Dome is a failure .. they didn’t, to my knowledge, even start sending in the bazooka rounds strapped to wal mart commodity drones by the 10’s of thousands (it’s coming).

  2. During WWII, bankers used to race back from the battlefield to London to adjust investments to take advantage of the circumstances. They were funding both sides and selling the tools of war (rations, ammo, weapons platforms, logistics, fuel, etc).

    I see no reason to believe things are different now.

    Two reading recommendations:

    The Ascent of Money
    IBM and the Holocaust

    Our generations can be the ones to end this global financial management practice.

  3. Shout-out for the measured language in the statement, but it misses the mark for me.


    Good luck and Godspeed to all.

    “When all else fails, they take you to war.” — Gerald Celente (Trends Journal)

  4. eight billion here, eight billion there, i suppose at some point this will add up to real money (as the old joke goes.) we are very early into this rotten situation. i think “don’t rush in” can apply to a lot of things and a lot of people.

  5. Finally, I can support the Governor, 100%. Hamas is fully funded by the Iranian regime. This is also a Russian diversion to cause the West to look away from Ukraine. Russians in Ukraine, Hamas in Israel are two hands of evil working in coordination. What about the future of a Palestinian State?? That, will remain a tragedy, an unobtainable goal, lost in the dust of conflict.

  6. Want to know where the democratic mindset is? Here’s a direct quote from Larry the loon over at the dumb f’ing peoples website:
    “If I were the incarnation of the Second Coming Israel would be wiped off the map first.”

    And what does the goebels-want-to-be say…nothing.

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