Gov. Noem Calls on Congress to Resolve Speaker Race, Support Israel

Gov. Noem Calls on Congress to Resolve Speaker Race, Support Israel

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, following her statement of support to the people of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Governor Kristi Noem called on Congress to swiftly resolve the Speaker of the House race so that they may take action to support Israel:

“Israel is America’s most important friend and strategic ally, but they have been devastated by a barbaric invasion of their God-given homeland. During my time in Congress and on the House Armed Services Committee, I saw how important it is that Congress support Israel. That is truer today than it has ever been, but actions speak louder than words. Congress must act.

“Before Congress can act, the United States House of Representatives must resolve the Speaker of the House controversy. The best resolution is to rally in support of my friend and former colleague Jim Jordan. He clearly has the firmest support of his House Republican colleagues. Congressman Jordan will support Israel in their time of need while ensuring that Congress remains good stewards of the American people’s taxpayer dollars.

“I also call on the House to speed up their plans for resolving this controversy. The people of Israel cannot wait until Wednesday for Congress to act in their support. Congress should act no later than Monday. Lives depend on it.”

While Governor Noem served in Congress, she was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, which oversees the Department of Defense and numerous other aspects of our nation’s national security. Governor Noem has visited Israel numerous times to display her support for America’s most important strategic ally.


38 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Calls on Congress to Resolve Speaker Race, Support Israel”

  1. i was nodding as i read along until i got to jim jordan was mentioned and i pulled a neck muscle as the nodding stopped. the last thing the house needs is donald trump’s puppet.

        1. i’m sure you would like that. very sure. your particular view of things obviously would demand that.
          too bad you miss the thickly rich irony of you preferring trump, but saying cheney is the one in a cult.
          he he he he he he heeeeeeeeee

          1. It’s obvious you like the open border situation Biden and your beloved RINO’s enabled. I suppose you like the economy as well along with our energy situation. You can support these frauds all you want. As a matter of fact, if you like paying for their stupidity in the form of higher taxes, fine, do it on your time not everyone else’s.
            You’re also obviously a liberal calling yourself a conservative who gets its news from msm. You still haven’t figured out that they can’t tell the truth. Then again, you don’t care about the truth in the first place, or you wouldn’t be so inclined to vote for those that sell us out.

          1. He didn’t release the J6 footie.

            There are people rotting in prison while exculpatory evidence exists in that video.

            The former speaker supported money to Ukraine.

            He didn’t limit single subject bills.

            When he was pressed to meet his agreement, he further violated it.

            He’s an insolent representative, a bully, and if I might say so, a bit of a meat-head.

    1. i am very ok with taking the middle east conflict at face value – an existential war over israel’s right to exist vs their neighbors’ oft stated goal of utterly eradicating them by any and all means. i see how someone would love to be above it all, and say ‘nothing to see here, THERE’S the real bad guy at that e.u. bank, or that nyc embassy, or that hidden lair on saturn.

  2. One thing Kristi’s social study curriculum obviously avoids is the origin of “the God given homeland” of Israel, also defining what a barbaric invasion is. How would all of you feel if lets say aliens came down and granted Native American’s a special power that we could not fight. They then pushed us white people to these “reservations” where we had to live in high density and in threat of terror from them. Even though we have lived on this land for 250 years, it is suddenly called “their God given homeland” (it probably was more than ours, anyway). You would all be up in arms and would be wondering why their “God” is more important than ours.

    The only difference in this scenario is the Palestinian’s were on that land for 600 years after the Roman’s conquered them. They came back in 1900, with the support of the United States and others, because they were bullied everywhere else. They worked the situations into a story of the bible and Jesus was supposed to come back once they got there. American Christians were going to escape the pain of death and go on a peaceful trip to heaven with Jesus, by supporting them. Well, he hasn’t come back yet, and we continue to send weapons of war (just like Ukraine) to them in order to kill Palestinians.

    This is just another highlight of how dysfunctional the modern GOP party is on the federal side. They want to shutdown government because of weapons going to Ukraine, but will want to boost weapons to Israel. How will this work with their recent slogan of being Anti-war? Jim Jordan (really Kristi?) is a hack, he’s in it for himself more than anyone he may represent. This can be clearly seen during his days as a wrestling coach when he ignored reports of assault on the athletes he was leading as a coach. I won’t ever think highly of someone who did that, I would take Trump over him, who will be their next option, Jerry Sandusky?

    And work Monday!? HA! We all know, those legislators who have had pay increases to match the cost of living over the last 20 years ($175k+) only work 3 days a week (M and F are travel days), and by days, I mean a few hours on each day. Good luck with that!

    1. If the world’s only Jewish state angers you more than any other, even as its civilians are being gunned down, raped and burnt out, then, truly, you have left the realm of politics and entered the realm of bigotry. You have become an intellectual facilitator of the pogrom.

      1. Wait, are you just attacking anon, without attacking the points they are making? I thought this was a tactic of the left? Is this the one of the DFP people?

        1. Stick around. Any criticism of the right brings on comments of dfp and turds. There is a fetish around here of some kind.

  3. i dont know the full story on scalise but i know he took bullets for his service. i’d prefer him just for that – he has a stake in the us house that predates trumpism, written in his own blood.

      1. you say ‘contract’ i hear ‘tantrum.’ gingrich’s contract with america was a real thing, and with his full power and a reliable majority he only got eight of ten objectives done. the things regarding clean bills stem from the ruinous abuses of pelosi’s 2009-10 us house. term limits? it would be better to require career bureaucrats to be rehired every three years, and allow voters to retain officeholders with long memories. you seem to want a congress that is basically 535 random people walking in off the street every day to run things. i have to say it won’t come to that.

    1. Crenshaw took bullets also then turned around and stabbed a brother before the facts came out. I’m a veteran and believe strongly in my country and the oath I took. I don’t have any use for those who claim to be conservative to get elected and turn once in office.
      It seems a lot of people don’t understand what a RINO is. You can tell by how they don’t represent their constituents and totally ignore the promises they made to get elected. This deal with McCarthy is a perfect example of what our rep. is. He knows McCarthy made concessions to get elected as speaker of the house. Yet when McCarthy reneged on his word and Gaetz called him on it, Johnson sided with the RINO faction of the house and wanted to disregard what McCarthy agreed to.
      I suppose there are a lot like yourself who could care less about one’s word which says a lot about you personally, but there are those of us that are sick of politicians saying one thing then doing whatever their heart desires with no accountability. If their deceit doesn’t bother you, why should your own kin be expected to tell the truth about anything.

      1. congress isn’t an unruly preschool which just needs a tough teacher with a spanking stick. it is a complex bulletless battlefield, and it shocks me how many with military experience deny this basic truth. shocks me.
        dusty is a good lieutenant, judging the lay of the land, moving accordingly, while a few in the platoon are ready to frag him because he won’t take their orders.
        please go on treating congress like it’s just a badly run daycare though. ok then.

  4. I’m with the Enquirer. I’d support Liz Chaney, she can run for President with my support, but she is no longer in the House, having been “primaried” by the failed Trump machine. Jordon would be a disaster. He’s a dim bulb with little understanding of either the Constitution or the Rules of the House of Representatives. House Republicans should look deep into their membership and choose a long standing, experienced moderate who can get the job done for 45 days and keep the country moving.

  5. Off the top of my head, I’d investigate Davis Joyce, a long term member from Ohio, as House Speaker until the end of this term. After this Congress end, the Party can engage in a long, ugly food fight tp pick the next Speaker when and if, they can hold their majority.

    Joyce is more moderate than McCarthy was, less associated with Trump than Scalise or Jordon…sort of a Joe Mancin type, Republican.

    1. Thank God you and Enqutrer are a minority. The two of you would have been Tory’s during the war for independence. If you are so disappointed with a good economy and like what Biden has given us, you’re obviously in the wrong country. By the way you talk, you’d probably appreciate the UK more than America so why don’t you make yourselves happy and leave.

      1. sticks and stones. i love my country and my constitution. i hate watching you guys burn down my party and destroy my elected leaders. your childish fantasy-insults thrown at me notwithstanding. this is about you and yours.

            1. You may think we are amateurs, but yet, here you are trying to respond with some sort of relevance.

              1. Because you are speaking directly to him. Would you prefer he mimes responses to your weird attacks?

                  1. That need to respond just gives you and itch that has to be scratched…and we are the amateurs.

                    Oh, and be careful scratching that itch…your skin seems to be pretty thin and you may cause bleeding old fella.

                    1. you could have stopped three posts ago. i’m not the one with the thin skin here clearly. i am persistent when i am making a point about trump’s destruction of the gop so it fits in his pocket better.

  6. I think it’s disturbing that Congress can’t accomplish anything if there is no Speaker of the House to supervise them.

    Maybe this is a job for Super-Nanny?


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