Gov. Noem Appoints Monae Johnson as Secretary of State

Gov. Noem Appoints Monae Johnson as Secretary of State

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem appointed Monae Johnson as Secretary of State, effective Monday, December 5, 2022. The current Secretary of State, Steve Barnett, is resigning from the role to pursue employment in the private sector.

“Monae Johnson has the confidence of the people of South Dakota,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “She was elected because of her promise to focus on election integrity, and I look forward to working with her on those efforts.”

Monae was elected Secretary of State in the November election, earning 64% of the vote. She will take office for her full term on January 2.

“I am truly grateful to Governor Noem for the opportunity to finish the current term as Secretary of State, and to the people of South Dakota for trusting me to serve in the role for the next four years,” said Monae Johnson. “Tom Deadrick, my new Deputy Secretary of State, and I will immediately get to work for the citizens of South Dakota to finish up the year-end duties. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

You can learn more about the Secretary of State’s Office here.


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    1. Hopefully she does a good job like Barnett. Best wishes to her and him.

      I’d have preferred to see him finish out his term. It makes for a smoother transition.

  1. I hope Barnett negotiated that she won’t make major staffing changes until after Christmas or the end of his term in a month. He has some loyal soldiers in there.

  2. Other than elections, the Secretary of State’s office has many important and essential functions. It is necessary that the employees in that office be allowed to continue their work and their commitment to excellence without the chaos and manipulation that Ms. Johnson has promised for the elections function.

    1. Most of South Dakota wants Johnson to deliver on her promises of an election process that can be audited.

      It’s common sense.

      If you think our election process can be audited, you’re not paying attention.

      The technology needs to be reigned .. hard stop.

      Arizona and other states are a stern warning to the status quo of power .. if you lose power with these rules, you’ll never get it back. Under a fair system, you only lose power when you should lose power.

  3. She certainly doesn’t have my confidence. How can an election denier function for election integrity? She is just as off base as KN.

      1. “Monae Johnson has the confidence of the people of South Dakota,” said Governor Kristi Noem.

        Interesting wording. Doesn’t say she has her confidence.

    1. I totally agree with SA. Monae has a high school education and no managerial experience not to mention she and Noem are in a contest to see who can blow the most botox in their faces before the end of the year.

    2. The election denier trope never worked.

      Still doesn’t.

      If you can’t shake the dissonance, friend, you’re not going to have very many friends (most of the cool kids appreciate the truth).

  4. You people continue to NOT support audits, investigations, reviews of the process, let alone a person wanting to take steps to pursue honesty and committment in our elections shows more for your character than hers. IF you opposes a process to review, audit, and educate ourselves in how the State determines Domiciles, who can become qualified to become a registered voter, let alone to better understand the process of varifying all things of public interest regarding who can and cant become a citizen of this state is the enemy of this state.

    I have utmost confidence in Monae Johnson to operate the S.O.S office, which is why I voted for her at the convention, and again duing the Nov 8 election.

    With so many Americans placing their Domiciles in South Dakota, despite the fact they reside outside the State, we better begin to audit, review, and ask questions NOW if we are to attempt to hold OTHER STATES like Arizona accountable.

    WE should want a Secretary of State willing to bring forth charges against any other Secretary of State Office in the other 49 States where we deem there to be a controversy between states or groups of states.

    IF States such as Arizona allows you to register to vote on election day, we better understand the process of how OUR STATE protects and promises to safeguard our S.D Election process, holding States like Arizona accountable. Cause we all know that South Dakota and Arizona share in common interest “RESIDENTS” who have homes in each State. Knowing that you can only have 1 Domicile, we better ensure that these persons are only voting in one state, not two.

    Thank You Gov. Noem for placing Monae Johnson in her Public Office earlier than expected.

      1. Oh so you like to call names, I will never stoop to your level. You cabt even use a real name, you hide behind a computer screen so you talk all big and macho. Buy truth us, your just a troll who wants to talk crap. Your not a serious S.D citizen, have. S.D morals not values. You peibally moved here less than 10 years ago and are a liberal goof.

        1. Wrong. I’m a born and raised South Dakotan. I just don’t wear tinfoil, nor do most Americans nor most South Dakotans. You and your ilk are nuts. The page is turning and your 15 minutes are about up

          1. So I wear a tin foil hat? That is news to me. I am also a born and raised South Dakota Citizen. I have a passion to do whatever it takes to make the state look good. I would not live no where else.

            I have never attacked anyone for their beliefs. I have never insulted anyone, nor called anyone a name. But yet, people like you want to attack me, and for what? Cause I want an honest, respectful, government process?

            You say I have a Tin Foil Hat, before, you called me a Wackodoodle. Shame on you for treating your fellow South Dakotans as such..

            I do NOT agree with the democrats either, but you do not see me attacking them, calling them names, nor saying I hate them. But yet all I hear is republicans and democrats fighting all the time.

            You say you hate the fact that I support Audits, Reviews, and Asking Questions of our election process, but yet on the other hand, you claim there is no fraud, nor abuse, but yet bitch when the democrats cheat in other states.

            I guess to people like you who call people names, or insults others, you feel you are above them so much, that you can tear them down, and hate what they believe.

            You have no understanding of what it means to be a REPUBLIC.

            You are way to bound to the established politics, you are blind to the truth, the facts, the issues at hand.

            You are no better than the next guy, you are no worse than me, nor are your beliefs better than mine, nor are mine better than yours.

            You need to show respect for those who wish to make our State better, you need to respect people like me, who try to create discussions, make an effort to fix our problems, even if there seems to be no problem.

            You ever asked why I support an AUDIT, REVIEW, and an Investigation of our Domiciles, Master Voter File, the Ballots, all the things that go into the election system,, Why have you not asked me what and why I want such an investigation?

            NO – I do not beleive there is tons of fraud in South Dakota, but I Do feel that there is tons of “Fraud and Abuse in other states.

            I want my STATE to hold other states accountable. I want a S.O.S who understands Domiciles, Who can vote and who cant vote, and I want an SOS will will question another state, investigate another state, sue another state where we find a controversy.

            South Dakota is a top NOMAD state, that means many Americans are domiciling themselves in S.D despite the fact they reside in places like Arizona, California, Texas, FLorida. There is NO law that forbids them from living in 50 states.

            However, WE cant risk them voting in S.D then in Arizona at the same time.

            I fear NO AUDIT, for in an AUDIT we get to ask questions, we get to sit at the table to educate each other, inform each other, to ask questions of state and local officials, to ensure that we are all on the same page.

            Its no different than when the IRS comes to audit us, When I am audited, I learn from mistakes, I learn waht i did wrong, I learn what I should be doing in the future.

            People like you Obviously FEAR an AUDIT cause you have something to hide, sadly, you will never change your mind.

            YOu will continue to attack me, insult me, call me names. But oh well, I will live on, maintain my positive alignment with God, Nature, and the Constitution, in order to maintain POSITIVE LAW.

            You on the other hand, can if you wish, continue to call me names. Go ahead, people see right through you.

            If you want to know more about me, then call me or send me an email to [email protected]

            1. That fellow sure got your goat, Mr. Zitterich. Why is it always the state secretary’s office that attracts those insaner than most?

              1. As I have further researhed, studied, and better informed myself on the Constitution, both the Federal and State, i have become more aware of the governing process.

                I do more research than the average citizen or person outside the legislature or our representatives themselves.

                I do understand the governing process more than most, at least thats the result I get by some of the responses on social media.

                Do I have all the answers, NO. Do you have the anwers? NO.

                We have to discuss our differences in opinion, concepts, etc.

                I was very much against I.M27 being on the ballot, however, I thought the proper place to debate Marjuana was in a “CONVENTION” like venue where the people elect Delegates to repersent each district or precinct to give all CITIZENS an equal ability to voice their concerns.

                I even wish ‘we’ as a State would hold a State Constitution Revision Commission every other year (odd numbered years) to bring people together to discuss, debate, and educate themselves on the constitution. I feel this woudl be a great way to discuss amending the constitution, rather than placing ballot measures on a public ballot whereas NO ONE ever truly debates the matter, let alone all the petition signatures occur in big cities, let aloe large metro areas, whereas the small rural areas go unnoticed.

                ALL DEPARTMENTS matter sir – the Lt. Governor, SOS, State Auditor, Public Utilities Comission.

                That is why we discuss those nominees first in a “Party Convention” type venue first, whereas the citizens per Precincts elect a Committeeman to represent them in those meetings. We want to discuss those positions BEFORE they go on the ballot where the VOTERS then choose the final result.

                The CONVENTIONS are used to create debates.

                As for the SOS – the job involves many aspects, the office is tasked with protecting all of our Public Documents, the Laws, Private Certificates, Licenses, and yes, our Election System.

                The SOS also has to protect OUR VOTERS vs those voters in other states, not just our own voters.

                You missed the point I believe is most important to a Audit and Review of the Election Process. I am not wanting one to look into Fraud or Abuse alone, I want a PUBLIC INVESTIGATION or HEARING where the Legislature can review, audit, and ASK questions concerning ALL THINGS of public interest as they relate to our elections.

                I want to know more about the DOMICILE process, and asking the Legislature to review, audit the # of DOmiciles in South Dakota as they relate to the # of Americans who reside in foreign states despite domiciled themselves in S.D

                I want to know how the Domiciles compare to the Master Voter File, as the two go hand in hand in relation to who has the right to become a registered voter, let alone vote in S.D

                I want the Legislature to discuss, publically, the process of which the SOS, Election Boards, Poll Workers, ‘WE” utilize to ensure that our election system works as intended, and

                I want the legisature to ask questions on the process the SOS OFFIC can use to hold other states accountable for their actions or lack of.

                Knowing that “WE” have common residents in S.D and ARIZONA, and knowing that S.D cuts off registrations 10 days prior elections, but Arizona allows for registrations on Election Day, what is the process that S.D citizens utilize to ensure that none of our citizens are voting in Arizona…

                I have NOT accused anyone of cheating, or committing fraud, I am saying, IT is our RIGHT as Americans to hold the Federal Govt accountable.

                Article 1 of the U.S Constitution places the Legislature 100% in charge of Presidential Elections, while the only role Congress shall have is to ensure that all States are treated fairly, and tha tthe legislatures get the man they so choose.

                IF there is any suspect that the 2018 or 2020 Elections were fraudelant in nature, then it is the SOS role in that process to bring forth the cases in a public court room.

                SUPREME COURT has ruled, that SOS of each states can in fact bring forth ALLEGATIONS of Controversies between States in matters where a controversy may in fact occur between States or Group of States

                IF we want to haev safe, secure, and honest elections, then the Legislature and the SOS must both be on the same page in that defense.

                “WE” had a great A.G in Jason Ravsnborg, the legisature chose to remove him based on a auto accident, the governor chose to remove him cause HE alone was bringing cases of which the office felt the governor and/or the legislature was acting outside their boundaries.

                WE want At Large Reps – whether the SOS or the A.G or the State Auditor Lt. Gov of who are elected by the PEOPLE, of which we give them strong authority to govern over the government itself to maintain the proper balance of power.

                IF you disagree with me, so be it.

                As a Precinct Committeeman – it is my job to bring my fellow citizens together inside my precinct, to inform them, educate them, and to represent their interests to the majority.

                We need to hold more town halls in our precincts.

                  1. I believe in a different post he claims to have extensive knowledge of the Constitution. In my opinion, if someone has extensive knowledge in the Constitution, they would have an undergraduate degree in something related, a master’s degree, and a doctorate–preferably JD.

                    Simply ready and quoting the constitution doesn’t constitute constitutional knowledge.

                    1. I do not claim to know everything as you make it seem. However, I spend countless hours every night reading,learning, understanding the constitution, I take the time to lookup words, their legal and actual meanings, to understand what is being said. YOU want to attack me, go ahead. “WE” are all Americans man.

                      YOU do not need a college degree to know the constitution , let alone write laws, or to study law.

            2. Run for the legislature to change the residency laws. You were a nerd in high school and you still are now.

              1. Calling people names is not professional, nor respectful. You see to not have any answers, nor relative responses other than attacks. Who among us want to change residency laws, WE want our residency laws, predominantly the DOMICILE rules inforced. IF we are going to continue to allow DOMICILED residents to vote as S.D Citizens in our election by Absentee Balliots, then we better ensure that none of those ballots are manipulated.

                IF I was a nerd in Highschool, I guess that means I paid attention in my classes, with strong grades of A and B’s. I guess I paid attention in CIVICS and HISTORY, and MATH. I am proud of that fact.

    1. Thanks Mike. Very thoughtful comment. I feel the same way.

      There are three types of people who are stolen election deniers. 1) The blissfully ignorant, 2) the stupid and 3) the corrupt.

      1. I appreciate your brevity, Mr. Dale. Mr. Zitterich has demonstrated aptly the pain which can be inflicted by one who has diarrhea of the keyboard and is also insaner than most.

  5. I expect Monae Johnson will do this job efficiently and without controversy, especially contrived controversy. She won the election, so she can put the clamoring din of detractors behind her as they did lose and she won. I await to see if she fails us, but I expect she won’t.

      1. Why is doing things the hands-on, old school way to ensure a more trustworthy result rubbing any “true South Dakotans” the wrong way?

        1. Because hand counts are less accurate than machines. Study after study proves it. You want to introduce MORE error into the system.

          1. There is nothing wrong hand counting when done respectfully, honestly. The Establishment dont like them, cause they cant cheat, let alone hide stuff. Sure, there is the human error factor, but then again, the computer also screws up also. Thats what is wrong with the republican party in S.D. They are to far to the left here. They are as bad as the Democrats in California, they cant seem to support those who think different.

            The republican party is so afraid of an AUDIT, REVIEW of the domiciles and voting rolls cause they are most likely hiding someting.

            1. If you have unlimited manpower so you can have at least two people checking (as a safeguard against fraud and human error) and divide the work so that we get the results within a matter of hours, fine. But we don’t have that much manpower. We have trouble finding the volunteers we do have. Now you’re talking about exponentially increasing their work. I don’t believe you’ll be able to exponentially increase your volunteer base. So then you have to hire people. That dramatically increases the cost.

              The machines that are prone to manipulation are the ones that are connected to the internet and therefore can be hacked. It’s my understanding that the machines in SD are not connected to the internet — they’re basically scantron machines. That means that someone would have to be physically present with them to hack them…. not impossible, but really not likely.

              I’d much rather the counting be done by machine so we get a quick (and very likely accurate) result. Then they can take their time auditing the result to ensure that everything is correct. That allows the SOS and auditors’ offices to work within the constraints of available manpower as well as human endurance. If they find something amiss, prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

            2. The anti-establishment will cheat when they hand count. And when they win after they cheat they’ll be the establishment. Then more cheating to make them lose.

  6. I don’t think she is an election denier, but she got the job by pandering to them. Now she has to find some evidence of election fraud to satisfy them. If she doesn’t find any, they will accuse her of corruption and Taffy and the Wackadoodles will do a Reunion Tour at a state convention and nominate somebody else when Monae’s term ends.

    1. That only happened because Barnett mailed it in. He can look in the mirror and see the reason he lost.

      He can say wackadoodles but Jackley beat Natvig and Rhoden sent Haugaard packing.

      If anything Monae needs to make sure she does a good job, doesn’t talk out of both sides of her mouth and avoids self inflicted mistakes. The verdict is still out but if she doesn’t get herself and her vision tightened up I could see her losing at the convention just as easily as she won.

      Barnett did his best to avoid any sort of campaign effort for a decade because he was unopposed. He was complacent with relationships and how the nomination process worked. He fought with the far right every session over online registration even thought it was never going to pass (and it never has). He was just not suited for a higher profile spot like sos. In the end he lost to someone he viewed as a vastly inferior candidate because he took his incumbency for granted and didn’t campaign hard while she did.

      Will she be a good sos? The verdict is still out. Her opinions are just noise. If she can’t run an office then we will find out very soon. Especially if she is making major staff changes. Kea has been there for decades. People know her and like her. Change can be good but it needs to be the right change and it needs to be change that improves the office.

      She has aligned herself with the more fringe elements of the party. They also need her to succeed because if she doesn’t that is a black eye for them.

  7. I heard Monae may have moved away from some of her election denier groupies like the Weilbles, and won’t be bringing any of them to Pierre.

    1. Her performance will be judged objectively regardless of who she brings-in to help.

      If she does good, I’ll cheer and her performance be featured on Spearfish City Limits.

      If she does bad, I’ll dig up the reasons why, and they will be featured on Spearfish City Limits.

      1. Mr. Dale, do you have a live, studio audience when you cork up your radio broadcasts? If you have probably 12, 18 listeners, and you did your recordings at a place like the Sawyer beer and pizza house you could fit your entire audience in one place and do it live, and grudznick would come a heckle from the crowd.

  8. Best of luck to Barnett. He will do well in his future endeavors as he has a proven track record of success. He also has an awesome wife and four great kids.

    1. Give examples of his qualifications for his new job please. What are his track records of success? Just curious.

    1. Agreed.

      I hope he does well at his new job and grows from the experiences he’s had here.

      He is a good guy in my opinion, as far as I can tell, and I wouldn’t wish him any ill will.

      Sometimes things just aren’t a good fit.

  9. People here still hammering on “election deniers” are like Austin Powers. They will wake up in 30 years and discover what Elon Musk did yesterday and be melancholy (the ignorant/stupid) or angry (the corrupt).

    That 2020 election and many others were diiiiiirty.

    It was a treason trap?

    It’s coming to South Dakota, but Johnson has vowed to do something about it. She really listens well, is a quick study, understands the system. She can do it, but will she? Build that systemic firewall, Ma’am!

    I’ll certainly give her political cover fire to suppress objectively moronic takes like, “we shouldn’t hand count our ballots.”

    We should always hand count our ballots forever.

    Use the machines to do the less noble work.

    1. There is more human error than with machines. You are using technology to post your comments. It’s ok for you to use technology but county auditors need to get rid of tabulators that are not connected to the internet?

      1. I believe we can utilize both, we can do hand audits and tabulators. I am open to both side by side, why? cause it is the right thing to do. They check on each other. Nothing wrogn with auditing and reviewing the entire process.

  10. The last heard from the Wobbles, they were investigating poll workers for wearing white shoes after Labor Day..

  11. I have been told that an American has in fact voted in both South Dakota and 1 Other State in recent Elections and Election Officials ALLOWED for that to occur, WE” have a case of VOTER FRAUD OCCURRING IN SOUTH DAKOTA, and “WE” have NOT done nothing about it, meaning State Officials and County Auditors have allowed citizens or group of citizens to vote in multiple States. When this person told me this, he confirmed tome that Former Secretary of State, Shantele Krebs supposedly investigated and confirmed she beleived this person was qualified to vote in both states.

    Folks – it is NOT constitutional, nor lawful to vote in State and Local Elections for federal, state, or local areas in more than 1 state.

    SOUTH DAKOTA ELECTION LAW clearly states, to be a qualified VOTER in South Dakota, you must sign an AFFIDAVIT that you surrendered all voting rights, thus removing you from voter rolls in all previous States of record, and if you do not, and ‘WE” find out about it, you can be held in contempt of state law, and be charged with a class 6 felony.
    I am told by people, both state, county, and local elected officials, that “WE” do not have any such voter fraud in S.D, but here is one such example, I have confirmed that American THOMAS KING has stated that he has in fact voted in South Dakota and one other State at the same time, in the same years, in the same election cycles.

    He claimed that Shantel Krebs supposedy investigated, and foudn he was legal to vote in both states, however, that is 100% in violation of S.D Election Law … YOU are to discontinue all voting allegiencs in all States except S.D the day you register to vote in South Dakota.

    Upon learning this information, I am ashamed of learning of this matter, cause it confirms what I already know, “States’ are NOT verifying Domicile Status, nor pursuing legal cases versus these CITIZENS let alone the Foreign States allowing this to occur.

    Instead, “WE” are told there is NO VOTER FRAUD in South Dakota, but I just got word of this occurring…I do not know Thomas King from adam, but if he claims what he says as true, then “WE” have a case of Voter Fraud, and if State officials, county auditors, election boards, let alone political parties are allowing this to occur, then ‘we’ as a State are allowing voter fraud to occur…

    This is WHY i am Demanding, that our S.D Legislature adopt a resolution to hold a Public Hearing to conduct an investigation, to audit, review ALL registered Domiciles of S.D, the complete Master Voter File and to “ASK questions of the S.O.S OFFICE, let alone the election board, county auditors, all Poll Workers to understand the process of confirming, and qualifying American Citizens the right to vote in South Dakota state and local elections of where we elect federal, state, and local officials.

    IT IS in fact ILLEGAL to vote in more than 1 state at one time, and its Unlawful to be registered to vote in more than 1 state. IF TRUE, “WE” as a State are aiding and embedding in this election scheme to conspire to commit TREASON not only against the State of South Dakota, but to my right for a free, fair, and honest election process. Let alone, we are committing treason against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    1. You can demand a resolution but the problem is, if the SOS tries to purge names from voter registration rolls, the ACLU will hit the state with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. A resolution from the legislature won’t carry any weight.

    2. I’ve been told a lot of things too, and read a lot of unsourced websites/blogs….doesn’t make it true.

      1. WoW…You people are really afraid of audits, hahaha…You attack anyone who stands up for what is right. You all seem bought and paid for. What are you gaining from the system?

  12. During the 16 year Rounds/Daugaard dynasty we had Chris Nelson who was a great addition to the PUC. Jason Gant who introduced us to laptops and other oddities. Then Shantel Krebs who was unfortunately led to run against Gov Noem and Marty Jackley in Primary. What a waste that was and shame on SDGOP for costing us a good SoS and AG by machinations to defeat Gov Noem. That bit of shenanigans and SDGOP vilification of Independent voters was the nail in the coffin for me. Then Barnett who has seemed unusually quiet. Monae got the job and I wish her well so I’ll reserve judgement until we see results in 2024. I continue to be confident in Governor Noem’s leadership to guide any SoS or other elected officials.

  13. She rode in on a white horse claiming to clean up the voter lists, especially those who use SD as a mailbox address.

    Problem is, it’s not her job, it’s the County Auditor’s job.

    Do they have the staff to do that? Probably not.

    Is there a punishment for using mailbox addresses? Not that I know of. How about it legislators?

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