Governor Kristi Noem increases standing among potential GOP Nominees for President, out polls former Vice President Pence and Rand Paul in straw poll

This just popped up in my in-box.

In a recent straw poll, Governor Kristi Noem is increasing her standing among potential GOP Nominees for President, and finds herself in the middle of the pack, as she’s tied with US Senator Tom Cotton, and out-polls Rand Paul, and former Vice President Mike Pence:

On Saturday, the Centennial Institute surveyed respondents at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver and asked them to vote for all the candidates they approve of for president in 2024.

In a field of both conservative and liberal candidates, Haley fell to the back of the pack of right-wing personalities, with 19.14 percent approving of her running.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and former President Donald Trump overwhelmingly garnered the most support among respondents — 74.12 percent and 71.43 percent, respectively. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) garnered the third greatest amount of support (42.86 percent), followed by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (39.35 percent), Sen. Tim Scott (35.58 percent), Gov. Kristi Noem (29.92 percent), Sen. Tom Cotton (29.92 percent), Sen. Rand Paul (27.76 percent), Donald Trump Jr. (24.80 percent), former Vice President Mike Pence (21.56 percent), Sen. Josh Hawley (20.22 percent), Rep. Dan Crenshaw (20.22 percent), and Haley, with remaining candidates — nearly all of which are Democrats, garnering less than three percent.

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Just narrowly missing the top 5, that just goes to show you that conservatives in the rest of the country are seeking the kind of freedom we enjoy under Governor Kristi Noem’s administration.

9 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem increases standing among potential GOP Nominees for President, out polls former Vice President Pence and Rand Paul in straw poll”

  1. So more than half of the country already thinks she’s awful, and then of the GOP she can only garner support from 30%?

    Most people wouldn’t brag about support for a presidential bid from just 15% of the electorate, but Kristi and Co. aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

    1. Interesting to see her and Tim Scott both doing well.

      Scott was elected leadership of their freshman class.

      Desantis/Scott would be a great ticket.

  2. Kristi says she’s not running for president.

    We still don’t know if she’s really not running, or if she’s “not running.”

    Kristi probably doesn’t know either. She has to wait and see how things develop.

    She certainly has the potential to be a competitive candidate. She could be a compelling candidate in Iowa. She’s a polished speaker and debater who is excellent at appealing to the GOP base.

    And whether Kristi runs for president or not, she seems like a very likely VP short-lister. Checks a lot of boxes.

    Having a South Dakotan as President or Vice President, or even just on a national ticket, would be a great thing for our state. You don’t have to like Kristi to see that that is true. Even a South Dakota Democrat should prefer Kristi to, for example, Ron DiSantis.

  3. Trump all the way! Noem claims to be conservative but she failed to vetoes the bill protecting girls sports. And she couldn’t stop legalizing drugs (marijuana).

    1. You mean she couldn’t stop the voice of the people from choosing the services that are provided to them with their tax dollars? If the people can’t chose the services that they pay for, is it really a service, or an occupying army governed by the elite that they have to fund without any say in the matter?

  4. 1). It is a straw poll among a group of people at a particular group meeting. Means nothing on the positive and negative for or against anyone.

    2). Campaigns are decided by the issues hot during the campaign and the stances of the candidates at that time.

    3). Landscape will determine the traits desired for the moment. For instance, if Dems control both Houses after ‘22, one type of candidate will be desired. A different is the Houses are split. And a different if the GOP is in control.

    4). The only people who care about straw poll results are those for whom the results can be spun to serve their narrative. Like the mainstream media.

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