Governor Kristi Noem tied for first in CPAC poll for Trump running mate

Governor Kristi Noem is tied for first in a CPAC poll for who attendees thought should be Donald Trump’s running mate in the upcoming presidential election. According to The Hill:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy were tied for first place as Republican grassroot activists’ preference for former President Trump’s vice presidential pick.  

Attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gave Noem and Ramaswamy 15 percent each when asked whom they believed Trump should pick as his running mate for 2024.  

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Further bolstering Governor Noem’s chances is that if you’ve ever met Kristi, she’s pretty down to earth and not leaning towards being a crackpot like Ramaswamy, as keeps coming up in anecdotes.

7 thoughts on “Governor Kristi Noem tied for first in CPAC poll for Trump running mate”

  1. Vivek Ramaswamy or Kristi Noem? They crave attention. In the end, I doubt that Trump will want to share the limelight with either of them.

  2. Normally I would say they add nothing to the ticket but this is Trump’s world. He wants someone just like him pulling the same levers of government in the same way. A colored person? Forget it! I think Trump is worried KN will overshadow him. She will be the Dianna to his Charles. I give the win to Stefanik because he will need a woman, someone who will do his dirty work, someone with deep ties to Congress and won’t steal his limelight. Plus she isn’t that pretty so women won’t hate her but not ugly so Trump won’t hate her.

  3. It is not even the GOP anymore. It is the Trump Party and CPAC should be renamed MAGACON.

    Deceptacon: °An instance of actions and/or schemes fabricated to mislead and/or delude someone into errantly believing a lie or inaccuracy.

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