Governor Kristi Noem’s COVID update for 4/3/20

This has some interesting information, such as the Governor updating infection and response models, with the State noting how many hospital beds are going to be needed, and why shutting down everything until the end of October isn’t realistic or sustainable, so that’s why the state isn’t doing that:

14 Replies to “Governor Kristi Noem’s COVID update for 4/3/20”

  1. Ed Randazzo

    The Governor’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been exemplary. It’s been continuous, transparent and keenly focused on the course best for South Dakota. When extreme elements on both sides are apoplectic about what she hasn’t done or what she has done, it’s a sure sign that the right course has been chosen. Her insistence that any action taken must be based in fact, science and data has inspired us all to practice common sense social distancing and innovation which has lead to flattening the curve to give us time to prepare as best we can for the peak of infections. She deserves our trust, respect and loyalty.

  2. tara volesky

    The late Representative Bob Glanzer and his cousin Mari Hofer will be the people God uses to save thousands of lives in SD. If you look in the dictionary what the definition of Christian is, well they are it, including Bob’s wife Penny and their children. If the nation exemplified the Glanzer and Hofer families, we would be a nation of selflessness and faith. RIP Representative Glanzer. We are heartbroken but we know you are with your Savior.

    1. Anonymous

      Many more like Bob will die. Even those who would have had a chance to live will die when our hospitals are inundated. Kristi just threw the towel in and our healthcare workers, elderly, and many more will pay the price.

      1. Odin

        We need to keep the video lottery machines going man. How could this state function without the cash?
        Plum full all over Sioux Falls tonight. These degenerates keep the lights on in Pierre. No tourism money this year obviously. We can’t afford to save more lives my friend. I sincerely wish I was being sarcastic.

      2. tara volesky

        I think Governor Noem is doing a good job on the virus situation by giving local control to the Mayors and their city council. She is not throwing in the towel, she is preparing for the worst.

  3. Anonymous

    If the lockdowns continue into May there will rightfully be a rebellion from small businesses, many of which won’t be around if it goes into June.

    1. Anonymous

      They won’t be around anyways. You guys are sacrificing short term profits over a long term solution. Imagine if Trump took this serious back in January and are cases would be declining like other countries that acted quickly. His failure is a direct result as to why this issue will be so much worse.

  4. Troy

    Banks applications for the small business crashed for the $350Billion loan program. I am guessing the request will be a $1Trillion short. The entire $2Trillion was designed to bridge a two month recession and a ramp up through August.

    When you look around the nation, does anyone think the shutdown will end May 1? We have States like Virginia enforcing the strongest stay at home orders to mid-June, Minnesota cancelling summer (parks,pools, ball fields).

    The rich people who have playsets, lake cabins, and other means to navigate a shutdown are going to be surprised when the a hungry, unemployed mob doesn’t find social distancing their highest priority.

    In short, people who are dictating extreme measures without regard to sustainability are going to end up killing people. And the delusion they “are running the world” will blow up in their face.

    1. Anonymous

      I often disagree you, Troy. I generally think you’re an ass, but you’re right on this. These lockdowns are sacrificing the wellbeing of those who will survive the disease and increasing tension amongst us all during an already anxious time.

  5. enquirer

    i’m looking fondly back at 2009 when all we had to worry about was ‘tarp’, ahca, the boxer bill, cash-for-clunkers, card check and all the other battles that were thrust on us. we have seen trump turn that confiscatory kleptocracy back toward the highway we belong on. it’s sad that we have been flung into that ditch again, and this time with a vengeance. whatever the ‘deep state’ is, the available evidence shows that it really hates people. we better hope god still loves trump, and by extension, us. noem’s doing her best.