Governor Noem Announces First Round of South Dakota Legislators Endorsing Her Re-Election

Governor Noem Announces First Round of South Dakota Legislators Endorsing Her Re-Election

Pierre, SD – Today, Governor Noem’s campaign released the first round of legislators to endorse her re-election for Governor. The list includes 58 members of the South Dakota House and Senate.Governor Noem stated the following in making this announcement:

“ Lieutenant Governor Rhoden and I are incredibly honored to have the support of these legislators in our campaign for re-election. These people have all endorsed our shared vision for South Dakota that includes promoting strong families, protecting freedom and individual liberty, fighting back against federal government overreach, and a robust economic plan that has made our economy the best in the nation. I’m grateful for their endorsement and I look forward to continuing to work with each of them this year, and if re-elected, the next four years.”

Legislators listed by chamber, then alphabetically:

Senator Al Novstrup
Senator Arthur Rusch
Senator Brock Greenfield
Senator Bryan Breitling
Senator Casey Crabtree
Senator David Johnson
Senator David Wheeler
Senator Erin Tobin
Senator Gary Cammack
Senator Helene Duhamel
Senator Herman Otten
Senator Jean Hunhoff
Senator Jessica Castleberry
Senator Jim Bolin
Senator Jim Stalzer
Senator John Wiik
Senator Kyle Schoenfish
Senator Lee Schoenbeck
Senator Marsha Symens
Senator Mary Duvall
Senator Michael Diedrich
Senator Ryan Maher
Senator Wayne Steinhauer

Representative Arch Beal
Representative Becky Drury
Representative Caleb Finck
Representative Carl Perry
Representative Charlie Hoffman
Representative Chris Johnson
Representative David Anderson
Representative Dean Wink
Representative Doug Barthel
Representative Ernie Otten
Representative Fred Deutsch
Representative Greg Jamison
Representative Hugh Bartels
Representative Kent Peterson
Representative Kirk Chaffee
Representative Lana Greenfield
Representative Lance Koth
Representative Larry Tidemann
Representative Lynn Schneider
Representative Mark Willadsen
Representative Mary Fitzgerald
Representative Mike Derby
Representative Mike Stevens
Representative Mike Weisgram
Representative Nancy York
Representative Paul Miskimins
Representative Rebecca Reimer
Representative Richard Thomason
Representative Rocky Blare
Representative Sydney Davis
Representative Taylor Rehfeldt
Representative Tim Goodwin
Representative Tim Reed
Representative Trish Ladner
Representative Will Mortenson

9 thoughts on “Governor Noem Announces First Round of South Dakota Legislators Endorsing Her Re-Election”

  1. The list of those “who haven’t” is still fluid.
    Meetings have been scheduled and those legislators have been summoned to the Governor’s Office.

  2. Not sure why she did this before session. What does she have to gain from this aside from making at least some signors feel coerced, and alienate non-signors? Divisive. Plus it gives them leverage over her: If she does something signor disagrees with, they can withdraw their endorsement, which will get coverage. If they are to her right this is not to her benefit. In a sense this is win-win for the legislators that signed on. Also, it makes it look like she is worried about Steve H, which I can’t imagine she actually is.

    1. Exactly…
      She has some of the worst strategists around

      1) you do this on Saturday? Huh?x2 who is paying attention

      2) it just threw a lot of division into the caucus and session

  3. Interesting that any member of GOAC would endorse after Ms. Bren’s testimony which clearly contradicts and implicates the governor in abuse of power–SHAME

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