3 thoughts on “Governor Noem loving the PTH swag from Sioux Falls”

  1. Where is Senator Thune?

    A hallmark of my political diatribes is equal opportunity.

    I’m not the enemy of individuals, but rather of bad outcomes and ideas.

    With that, I can confirm that this is an outstanding artistic vision and design.

    It doesn’t change the fact that I support election integrity and strategic investment in atomic families, for instance.


    1. Read this 5 times and still not very sure what it means. To the “where is John Thune” question, I saw him at two different events this weekend. A man of the people!

      1. either it’s an echo of speeches heckling thune rounds and dusty for avoiding the trump rally – – or the buffalo graphic is like a hirschfield drawing, and thune’s name is hidden in the art somewhere.

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