Governor Noem and State Treasurer Haeder featured in latest Freedom Works commercial

From facebook, State Treasurer Josh Haeder is featured along with Governor Noem in South Dakota’s latest commercial to arrtact workers to the state:

14 thoughts on “Governor Noem and State Treasurer Haeder featured in latest Freedom Works commercial”

  1. Never before have I seen a South Dakota governor build a brand for themselves and use public office for personal gain rather than serving others. Taxpayer funded constant self promotion campaign while gallivanting all over the nation and sometimes world. Governing that requires long hours, hard work and includes details that never makes the news? That is so yesterday!

    Brief stay at the Governors mansion, getting prepped in the new taxpayer funded studio for controlled messaging, lights, camera action, Freedom to do what I want with your tax money commercial # 7.

    Plumbers can make a lot more money outside of South Dakota substantially offsetting cost of living and taxes. Unions help but not all are union members either.

    1. She doesn’t live in the 1980’s.

      She can reach millions of people without leaving her house and somehow this is bad?

      No one is better at telling the South Dakota story than the governor of South Dakota. Daugaard did it. Rounds did it. Janklow did it. Mickelson did it but somehow Noem is bad for doing this? This is so cynical.

      People don’t read newspapers anymore they get their information from video. It just is how the world works.

      I’m glad we have a governor who is effective.

      1. She isn’t effective and if she doesn’t need to leave her house why is she barely ever in state?

    2. Umm. She is an elected official who has a job to do. Let her do it the way she wants.

      I’d rather she do this then life is better in SD than on Mars or don’t jerk and drive.

      At least these are good and make SD look good.

    3. I love how the GOED budget pays for all of this VP campaign stuff too. Tourism pays for the Trump rally firework shows. SD voters are some smart people!

      1. The tribal blindness and cult like support of their demagogue is astounding! Big difference from past SD governors and there is no comparison between Governor Mickelson and this political and economic grifter.

        1. Noem IS on the Mount Rushmore of SD Governors.

          Top 4: Norbeck, Foss, Janklow and Noem.

          It’s sad that you are so cynical that you think her advocacy of SD is about anything other than being the best governor she can be.

        1. Trump (or anyone for that matter) can come to South Dakota, but when you raise property taxes and keep increasing them to pay for it, that is where I (along with most people I know) have a problem with it. You can’t be a “conservative” while continuing this never ending push of raising taxes and increase spending. I haven’t ever seen this type of wasteful spending that gets thrown to out of state agencies. At a minimum, our state tax dollars should stay in the state, support state jobs, and the state economy. I don’t support paying a MN firm millions of dollars to make a meme image that says “we are on meth”. You can’t all be this dense…..

          1. when did she increase property taxes? Ours keep going down.
            This is because people are buying fields and building large houses on them which generate more tax revenue than the bales of hay did. You could say property taxes went up, but that’s because a new house is worth more than a stack of hay bales. Did the Governor do that?

  2. South Dakota is a great story, and I’m glad we have a governor willing to tell that story to the nation. To those who don’t like that, go pound sand.

  3. the ads are designed to resonate with a target audience, i.e. business owners sick of blue-state over-taxation and union-boosting goomers and such.
    so pack up granny and ellie may and duke on the flatbed truck and get your millions to banker drysdale in Neverly Hills SD. that would be a nice rename for dakota dunes.
    hey, trust the resonance.

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