Governor Noem on rumors that Biden could put Federal mandate on COVID vaccinations.

9 thoughts on “Governor Noem on rumors that Biden could put Federal mandate on COVID vaccinations.”

  1. This is an end-around. I expect more from our government.

    Biden is calling on corporations to do it. If they comply, he won’t need to do anything from DC.

    This is why a check on corporate power is due.

    Corporate policy is becoming law since a person can’t live a reasonable existence and function when the entire economy is dominated by a few corporations.

    Long live MAIN STREET.

      1. Did you graduate from elementary school?

        Taking “blood” out of your body is not the same as injecting a “poison” into your body.

        Why are democrats stupid?

      2. I’m not sure how you read that into the post by JD. I don’t know his stance on employee drug-testing, and I couldn’t tell from this post either.

  2. Still can’t believe that’s the hill she’s staked out for her political career to die upon.

        1. If your boy, Biden, actually had respect for the Constitution and the restrictions on his power contained therein we could know he won’t mandate vaccination. However, knowing his hatred for the Constitution and his failure to stay within the bounds therein, true Americans cannot trust him to keep his nose out of their business.

          Would you say “THAT woman” about the idiot Jen Psaki? Probably not since she is a liberal twit.

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