Governor Noem: relieving taxes on groceries benefits residents, not tourists

38 thoughts on “Governor Noem: relieving taxes on groceries benefits residents, not tourists”

    1. “The ultimate poll is the election results.” – John Dale

      I guess your own quote applies since Noem ran on this.

  1. It took a few decades but South Dakota finally followed Minnesota on this issue which has been championed by the SDDP for years now. A big thank you to the Presentation Sisters who advocated for this too!

    1. Maybe if she were campaigning for this in the state more, it would have passed. She flew back to testify for this, and she’ll be gone again to the coast tomorrow, on that plane we are paying for.

      1. It was nice for the Governor to take time away from her constant out of state self promotion tour for a future possible vice presidential, cabinet spot or fox news talking head to physically be in South Dakota for once. I was surprised to see her testify in person and not from some Palm Springs. Southern California studio. South Dakotans are more than happy to be her props.

        1. from what I heard listening to the committee, the caucus carries more weight than the Governor.

          If the legislature isn’t going to listen to anything she says, why should she stick around?

          1. The legislator doesn’t listen to her because she doesn’t stick around. She has been checked out of SD since she took office. Noem just wants to do what benefits Noem.

              1. And Noem knew it was DOA, but it got her votes so who cares. Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit.

                1. you got stats to prove that was why people voted for her?

                  It’s really a shame when legislators scuttle a bill for no reason other than they don’t like the people behind it, which seems to be what happened here

    2. And we see how the Presentation Sisters leadership worked out. Hundreds of college students and dozens of staff looking for new homes.

      1. When you have a legislature and Governor that annually promote bigotry, hate and reward willful ignorance it reduces the amount of prospective college recruits and future workforce to the state. We see that with the severe workforce shortages which are worse in South Dakota. Even among more moderate Republicans in other states South Dakota has a terrible reputation.

  2. This started out as a promising legislative session, with the Governor making the promises. The Republican leadership hasn’t carried much water for Governor Noem, preferring to stash away money for the next economic crises. The tax on food definitely needs revision, but then, so does our entire tax system which is hard on the working class and goes easy on those of us with sizable investment income.

    1. “our entire tax system which is hard on the working class and goes easy on those of us with sizable investment income.”

      “I don’t pay as much in taxes as I should be paying” or “taxes don’t hit me nearly as hard as they do the less fortunate” Please. I get so sick and tired of hearing (reading) this sanctimonious BS. If you really don’t think you pay enough in taxes, then stop being such a sanctimonious hypocrite and get out your check book and write a check to the government. There’s nothing that violates the law by doing so.

  3. Half percent or grocery tax was the original choice. How liberal of them to make it only 3 tenths. I would’ve been fine with the overall half percent but they went 3 tenths. Noem is right about tourists being the ones that benefit though. I spend more on groceries than I spend for pretty much anything else. Not too late to go back to the grocery tax.

  4. That is a silly argument. Tourists already pay an elevated tax on touristy businesses. Instead people who live here will pay less tax on everything else.
    The people who already qualify for food tax rebates won’t gain anything under Noem’s proposal. Under the general sales tax cut they will pay less resulting in more spending power for the group that needs it the most.

    1. Terrible argument, the poorest people don’t get food tax rebates, they don’t have access to a specialist tax attorney that makes them aware of such a rebate. A person has to spend more than 300 dollars to save a dollar. We’re talking about people making 30k or less in most cases (if single, no family). Sales tax doesn’t apply to rent utilities etc.. Maybe 15k in sales taxable money at most, that’s less than $50 savings. Compared to grocery, assuming $100 per month (good luck with bidenflation at $3 per day). That’s more than $50 savings and that is by the most strict of standards against repealing the grocery tax.

      1. You don’t need a tax attorney.because it has nothing to do with our tax system. DSS will help anyone through the process and it’s not hard and doesn’t take long. They get the tax money back to them on a debit card to spend how they see fit. It doesn’t cost anything to apply and receive ut back. Your argument is trash.

        1. Because every person knows that they should go to the DSS office. They won’t go to the office if they don’t know that they should is the argument.

          1. Well I guess we should just do away with welfare then because they are either uninformed or too stupid.
            Targeted assistance is the most efficient model. We are SD not CA.

  5. Why cut anything right now? Let’s get SD right. Let’s reduce our dependence on federal dollars.

    1. Sounds great. Give up your social security, medicare, your military benefits, federal grants for education, roads/bridges, electrical, disasters, IHS, farm subsidies and those nasty mining tailings. Yeeha, let’s get off the grid into the dark ages SD!

      1. That would be the first time in literally decades if we did that! AND we would be worse off for it!

  6. So because the Governor hasn’t been in the Capitol every day, bringing the legislators coffee, tying their shoes, wiping their noses, and kissing their asses, a bill seemingly supported by a large majority of residents was kicked to the curb.

    This is the explanation we get? The sales tax on groceries won’t be repealed because the legislators don’t think she’s paying enough attention to them?

    She needs to spread a blanket on the floor, and serve them milk and cookies while they watch Daniel Tiger cartoons.

      1. so the explanation really is that it was tossed because she hasn’t been paying enough attention to them.

        great. that’s just great

        1. No, the issue is that she’s too busy off promoting her personal brand playing the “will she run or not game” instead abroad of tackling issues here and showing she’s committed to the people of SD.

          1. I find it interesting that some can find the courage to deride the Governor yet they don’t have the courage to use their own name in doing so.

          2. Anonymous at 8:16 you admit that it was defeated because she has been away doing other things & not paying attention to the legislators. The decision to move it to the 41st day had absolutely nothing to do with the merits of the bill.
            If she had been physically present in the Capitol, kissing ass, they would have voted to Do Pass.
            You just said so: It was a good bill, it just needed more ass-kissing.

            Never mind she has a phone, and can govern remotely. You’re pissed because she hasn’t been kissing your ass. It’s astonishing that you will actually admit that a good bill was defeated for a lack of ass-kissing.

            I think those of us in the public would appreciate it if bills were passed or defeated based solely on their merits, and not on the brown-nosing talents of the proponents.

      2. This is a perfect example of her lack of leadership. She promised this all over the place and couldn’t deliver.

        1. what it is, is a perfect example of legislators who refuse to work with the governor,

          If the only explanation they can give for rejecting it is that she wanted it, it’s pretty obvious we’ve got the wrong people there.

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