More on Frye-Mueller Scandal: Did her suspension leave voters “disenfranchised and unrepresented?” Or is it just Julie?

Referring back to yesterday when my spies sent me over what is said to be Julie Frye-Mueller’s next attempt to shift blame from her harassment of a legislative employee and resulting censure, one item in the latest supposed plan to get revenge on all her colleagues for suspending lamented that Frye-Mueller was “unconstitutionally stripped of her rights, duties, and function of office, and subsequently intimidated, threatened with criminal prosecution, maligned by her fellow legislators…” yadda, yadda, yadda…  “and her constituents were left disenfranchised and unrepresented.

Referring to the three days she was put in time-out while the Senate investigated the extent of her alleged harassment of a legislative employee, JFM claims that during this period her constituents were left disenfranchised and unrepresented?

Neverminding that Frye-Mueller skipped the Friday after she was suspended. And ignoring that 6 days she missed in 2021, and 5 days in 2022. Her people claim when she was forcibly suspended that THIS TIME her constituents were left disenfranchised and unrepresented!

But really, were they left disenfranchised because of her absence (in a string of them)? Or it the quality of what she is able to accomplish (or not accomplish) her problem? Because a glance of her legislative record this session does not paint a pretty picture as to how she’s doing for her voters.

Let’s look at the measures that the Legislative Research Council has her noted as prime sponsor for, along with where those measures are in the process…

Status Bill Title
Deferred to 41st Day HB 1072 subject lithium to severance tax.
Deferred to 41st Day SB 122 address the potential abuse of opiate and opioid drugs.
Deferred to 41st Day SB 123 require certain reviews and updating of voter registration records and data sharing.
Deferred to 41st Day SB 124 update maintenance and verification requirements for voter registration files.
Deferred to 41st Day SB 125 prohibit the imposition of additional immunization requirements on children.
Deferred to 41st Day SB 126 expand the availability of emergency services in state parks.
Deferred to 41st Day SB 128 remove the option to register to vote by a signed statement.
Withdrawn at the Request of the Prime Sponsor SJR 503 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election an amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, limiting the amount of ad valorem tax on real property, and limiting the increase in the assessed value of real property.

With a third of the legislative session yet to go, every single one of Frye-Mueller’s bills have been killed, with the exception of the Joint Resolution she herself withdrew.

If her people try to turn in the weird “Victim Impact Statements” claiming they were somehow left “disenfranchised and unrepresented?” There’s a legislative record that would seem to disagree.

If they feel “disenfranchised and unrepresented,” it’s not necessarily the Senate’s fault. Taking a look at what she’s gotten done while she was there, the problem might just be Julie herself.

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  1. She also missed the Elevate cracker barrel at Western Vo-Tech on February 11th. That would have been a good opportunity for her to represent her constituents. She was scheduled to be there but was a no-show.

    1. none of the western sd ‘real republicans’ were there. just the plain old every day regular republicans.

  2. JFM, Pischke, John Dale, Phil Jensen, Deutsch. Perry, Schaefbaur and others are the SDGQP today. Fringe extremism has been normalized. Add a kitty litter box to the state party photo and it is complete.

  3. I’ve felt disenfranchised and under represented from the day JFM was first elected! If you look at her legislative history (or lack thereof), you will see a myriad of failed bills based on innuendo, conspiracy theories and just plain nonsense. I challenge anyone on this blog who supports JFM to provide one example of a bill she carried that passed that helped District 30 citizens.

    I’ll stand by and listen to the crickets…..

    1. I ran against the good senator a couple years ago, so I can’t rightly say I qualify under the very first parameter you set out in your challenge, but just four short sessions ago she did get a bill and a resolution passed.

      I, for one, am very grateful for the extra two years on our license plate renewal cycles. 🙂

  4. The Great District Numbered 30, grudznick’s district, is often underrepresented in the legislatures because some of those we send are insaner than most and few are more ineffective. Ms. Frye-Mueller is the poster whackadoodle for this situation, indeed.

  5. It’s big news over at DFP that Pat crossed the grain with site advertisers.

    Peel off the Lt. Governor’s office?

    Interesting developments .. what conclusions can we draw about these two SD GOP factions squaring-off?

    The truth about election integrity, starting with Covid-19’s effect on mail-in ballots through to the modification of the election process in general (see Colorado SOS) ending with troubling statistics coming out of Operation Warp Speed’s progenitors (spoiler alert, that wasn’t Trump, who will soon likely unlatch the safety chord from the MRNA debacle).

    More at eleven-teen thirty.

    1. What troubling statistics coming out of Operation Warp Speed’s progenitors?
      you mean, the statistics that show the vaccines work? That 69.5% of the world’s population have received at least one shot and are still alive and well? That’s about 5.6 billion people, who, according to JFM, should be dead, autistic or have Down Syndrome by now. The statistics that show the health care system is once again functioning normally, as covid has been reduced to a bad cold which the majority of people can recover from at home with OTC remedies? Those statistics?

      History is repeating itself. In 1764, in Boston, inoculation, AKA variolation, with smallpox was shown to be effective, but John Adams noted that there were about 500 persons who refused the procedure, and this caused Adams to wonder if Man was truly “a rational creature.”

      On February 6, 1777, George Washington ordered all the troops under his command to be inoculated, the requirement that military personnel be immunized against contagious diseases goes back to the founding of the nation. Some historians credit the mandate with saving the Revolution. Since some people did die as the result of variolation, as it employed live smallpox virus, I suppose some soldiers refused and left the Continental Army over it.

      Here we are again, 250 years later, wondering, as John Adams did, if Man is truly a rational creature.

      1. thanks for responding. i had no clue what jd was even talking about. of course people need to participate in vaccinations.

        1. it’s interesting that our founding fathers were in favor of inoculation mandates, isn’t it?

  6. At stake is at what point does the State statutes allow for the government to force private persons who do not act within S.D.C.L 1-1-1 to do anything. If you understand the constitution and state laws the State only has authority to enforce statutes on land, persons, property that falls within its political jurisdiction of Public Officials, Officers, Agents, Employees, or any such land or property that falls under S.D.C.L 1-1-1. If Children under the age of 18 are not required to have a Birth Certificate until their 18 Birthday, the children act outside S.D.C.L 1-1-1 and the state does not have a relationship with that child. We all know a Birth Certificate is a financial instrument of the state. And under S.D.C.L 13-27 no child needs a birth certificate to attend public schools. Their parents are allowed to place them in a public school thank you to paying state and local taxes. So if vaccines cannot be forced on any individual outside of S.D.C.L 1-1-1, then how any such mandate be constitutional?

    1. Common sense would dictate that when a child w/o a birth certificate attends a public school they must meet the requirement for vaccination. As for its Constitutionality, Jacobsen vs. Massachusetts authorizes states adequate policing powers.

    2. That’s ridiculous. Sure your child doesn’t need a birth certificate but most parents like having a document verifying they have legal custody of their children, which a birth certificate is. It’s the parents who need the children’s birth certificates so they don’t risk being accused of kidnapping the kids. Therefore, when a child is adopted, a new birth certificate is issued with the names of the parents changed from the birth parents to the adoptive parents.

      1. You do realize that the Birth Certificate does not mean anything but contracts you, forms the relationship to the State. All you need is the document you get from the hospital, known as the Certificate of Live Birth which is 4 part document, the white copy, pink copy, yellow copy, hard copy. It is the document with your hand prints, foot prints, the place of your birth, and has both your parents name’s on it. That is the only document you need, and that means your child nor the parents need anything further to prove their rightful claim to the child. You can obtain in Lieu of the Birth Certficate, a Court Affidavit of Fact that presents that both parents are th legal parents, and the fact their child has community ties inside our borders, thanks to the baptism records of a S.D registered Church. Until your child has Birth Certificate they do not act within the jurisdiction established under S.D.C.L 1-1-1,and thanks to your parents paying property taxes, sales taxes, they are entitled to place the child in a public school funded by those tax dollars. Cause the State has no relationship to the child, they cannot force you, the parent to get a vaccine, and if they restrict access to a public school, it would furthermore, violate federal law by means of the 1790 Northwest Ordinance which established the fact that all Public Schools of which accept federal funds, are guaranteed to be open to all children, so long as they are born on U.S soil.

        1. If you really don’t like your kids getting vaccinated there’s the religious exemption. Otherwise, they go to school, they get vaccinated.

          “Not acting within jurisdiction” argument sounds like nothing more than a talking point out of the “Sovereign Citizen” playbook.

          1. Just stating the facts man, learn it or weep. If you dont know your rights, then government will control your life. What I said was true, and if you want to make wise comments, it shows your ignorance. Using South Dakota law to prove my case, you are flat wrong.

  7. Know Your Rights – When Your Kids Are Born, do NOT get them a Birth Certificate.

    The only manner the State can force your child to get a vaccine, is if you obtain a Birth Certificate in your Child’s name, which places your child within S.D.C.L 1-1-1 as forming a relationship with your child.

    There is NO LAW that forces your Child to obtain a Birth Certificate, parents are simply doing so for a tax write off.

    ALL you need to do, maintain full control of your Child’s “Certificate of Live Birth, the document you get from the Hospital.

    It is a Document that has 4 Copies – Hard Copy, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White. The Hospital delivers the Pink Copy to the Department of Health for to maintain Vital Records, it keeps the Blue Copy in it’s records, while YOU maintain the Hard Copy and White Copy.

    You then – go to the COURT HOUSE, present evidence of your Child’s Birth, Born on U.S Soil, and Baptism Records from a Church.

    You obtain in “Lien of the Birth Certificate” an Affidavit of Fact.

    Under S.D.C.L 13-27-3.1 – You Need to Present a Copy of this Affidavit to the Public School System of which You Reside.

    This, and proof that You as a Parent pays Property Taxes, Sales Taxes to the State of South Dakota is what gives you the right to to place your child in a S.D Public School.

    Without a State Issued Birth Certificate, the State has NOT formed a Relationship with your Child, let alone owns any “Interest” in Your Child – therefore, CANNOT force your Child to Obtain a Vaccine, for any such reason, what-so-ever.

    Without the Birth Certificate – The State cannot Mandate Your Child does any such thing, or activity, let alone has no power of the child.

    Without the Birth Certificate – Your Child does NOT fall under S.D.C.L 1-1-1 all things, land, persons, property under the jurisdiction of the “State”.

    IF the “State” or the School District attempts to restrict your child from attending Public Education, it would violate Federal Law, especially whereas the School District is Accepting Federal Monies.

    Look Up the 1790 Northwest Ordinance – it sets up the “FREE” Right for Parents to Send their Children to Public Schools funded by Public Taxes paid by the Parents, as they participate in activities in the State or Local Subdivision paying “taxes” – which gives them the free right to utilize the Public Education System.

    Under the South Dakota Constitution Article 22, Section 4:

    “That provision shall be made for the establishment and maintenance of systems of public schools, which shall be open to all the children of this state, and free from sectarian control.”

    That is the Compact Clause that “WE” Agreed to Upon Becoming a “FREE” and Independent State of the Union of 50 States of America.

    IF YOUR CHILD HAS NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE – The State cannot legally, lawfully mandate any such Vaccine upon your Child. There is NO contract, there is NO Relationship, there is NO Financial Responsibility, Term, or Obligation to Protect the Child at that Point.

    KNOW YOUR RIGHTS…The State cannot force your Child to do shit.

    1. Don’t forget, if the cops pull you over for speeding, you weren’t driving, merely “traveling”. If a flag in a court room has golden tassels it’s an admiralty flag, and therefore the court has no jurisdiction!

      When you’re a sovereign citizen, the law is completely up to you to interpret, reality and facts be damned!

    2. Bobby Gaines sounds like he’s a trans-activist. Don’t submit to “the man” so your daughter can choose to be your son at a later date. If your boy wants to play girls’ volleyball, no birth cert, no proof he’s cheating and breaking the law.

      1. Speed Limits, Other Road rules are common law rules of which govern over public highways, they have nothing to do with the birth certificate, nor any more direct bound statute applied to citizens or non-citizens. They are simple common law civil codes help indirect revenue streams to the state, county, city govermnets. Many of them, you can easily beat in civil court which make them very difficult to enforce where a citizen attempts to challenge them

        However, you fail to understand the Birth Certificate issues, does not stop any child from attending public education, does not stop a child from playing sports, it simply means, the LAW is applied equal to all persons with or without a birth certificate. Again, if a public school chooses to restrict your ability to attend school or access to sports, then it would violate federal law, let alone our very own Article 22, Section 4 of our constitution.

        The Certificate achieve one thing, a relationship between yourself and the State. If you choose to move outside the state changing your domicile, you agree to transfer that document to the new state of record. IF you choose to NOT obtain a Birth Certificate, it does not have anything to do with speeding violations on a public roadway, the State has the authority regardless of policing its own Highway rules from state to state.

        No Birth Certificate simply means, the State cannot bind you to Public Statutes, you can still be bound to the civil code under common law of which you act on

        Example. IF your child has No Birth Certificate, your child can not benefit from Child Support, but you as the parent has to make a civil case under common law to sue the other parent for expenses of that child, of which he or she would owe ypon you showing evidence of the expenses.

    3. Robert Gaines have you been on the John Dale and Larry Kurtz podcast show? You need to! A subject that needs exploring.

  8. I am told there are fellows in the legislatures who do a great “Frye-Mueller” salute in a mocking manner. FRYE-MUELLER they chant, and then then do a bit of a dance. I would like a movie of this to be posted.

  9. While I personally have two birth certificates, one from the state in which I was born and one from the state in which my parents resided, my husband has only the “certificate of live birth,” but 18 years later he was given a draft number. Robert Gaines should investigate how that happened, as I suspect it has happened to a lot of men.

    I never took any of my own children’s certificates of live birth to the county courthouse to obtain a birth certificate, not even for the one I crossed the ND-SD state line to deliver. I don’t know why my parents did that with mine, frankly.

    1. If you are born on U.S Soil, any of the American State which are republics, you are an American, has nothing to do with whether you have a birth certificate or not. Remember, prior to 1930, there was no such thing as a state issued certificate, you simple held your Certificate of Live Birth in Vital Records when you applied for and become a State Citizen.

      More than likely, your husband who does not have a birth certificate, has best utilized his Certificate of Live Birth in such manner to provide his legal standing on the soil.

      Acting in this manner, he has the right to reside, work, and prosper in the United States. Evern without a Birth Certificate today. He cold go through the process of creating his U.S Person, which provides back to him a U.S Passport (govt identification), a VISA which allows him to live, work, and travel the united states, and he further applies for a Federal Tax # which provides to him the ability to act commercially within the State(s).

      As an American born on U.S Soil, he can a anytime, when acting as a U.S Person, become drafted into the U.S Army under federal laws.

      He cannot however be directly bound to any such State Statute unless he physically contracts himself to buy or sell property inside the state meaning, he incorporates his first and last name as a Corp Fiction, thus establishing a Trade Name inside the State, which now creates that relationship with the State, which now can request that he collect sales tax, place license plate on his vehicle, obtain a driver license, and insurance, etc.

      State law says, you simply need a Federal I.D # and a physical address in the State. Of course now, we also have the Remote Business Person as well today.

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