Julie Frye Mueller Scandal continues: Big thing to do supposedly coming on creating Victim Impact Statements and Affidavits in Support of Prosecution

Hot off the press, it looks like Julie Frye-Mueller is going back at her fellow senators as she attempts to gin up to get people to file “Victim Impact Statements” and individualized affidavits in support of the prosecution of 27 of her fellow state Senators as claimed by this blank affidavit…  “unconstitutionally stripped of her rights, duties, and function of office, and subsequently intimidated, threatened with criminal prosecution, maligned by her fellow legislators, denied access to essential legislative resources and state email communications, deprived of her committee assignments, and her constituents were left disenfranchised and unrepresented.”

(No word about affidavits being filed for the day she just plain skipped session.)

I have to go back and look, but wasn’t the vote 33 – 1?   Where is the victim impact statement against Arch Beal, Red Dawn Foster, Brent Hoffman, Wiik, Wink?

The word I’m getting passed to me from my spies is that Senator Frye-Mueller supposedly wants this kept under wraps until Wednesday, as if it leaked early, it would ruin all of their plans.

So, this is just between us.. don’t go telling everyone that we have more stupidity coming from Julie Frye-Mueller in an attempt to shift blame for her actions.

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  1. She does not need to go after the entire legislature. Her claim is those persons listed in the suit are the group of persons who conspired together to remove her from her seat, strip her of her committees, and restrict her from the L.R.C office. She is making a pretty clear, and defined case here. I 100% Support her. She has the backing of the people, and this may be evidence of more to come against the Senate, on several of their unconstitutional acts this session. The true conservatives are speaking out.

      1. I have spoken with Julie.

        She is not an idiot.

        In my opinion, she is informed and intelligent with the courage to stand up to bad information even when it is financially inconvenient for those who are making money through donations and other means because of unsafe or unwise policies and products being foist on the people of our state.

        Tangent: World wars are not started because one country is mad at another country. They start to create a huge dust and smoke screen to facilitate a clean getaway.

        Oh .. I suppose about every hundred years or so.

    1. “She has the backing of the people”.

      Hah, show me some polls that show a plurality of people that support JFM

        1. The ultimate poll is the election results.

          What a silly thing to say.

          Julie has the support of, in my opinion, the majority of South Dakota.

          And until we audit the ballot boxes, we’ll never really know for sure, will we?

        2. A narrow election result in the primary last year. I would ask how much it has changed since the harassment in the Senate, and how she polls with all her constituents.

        3. Soooooooo do you have anything recent though? After being censured 33-1? After saying that vaccines will give children Down’s syndrome?

          1. No surprise form “anonymous” here. If so incensed with Frye-Mueller, why not show your name?

            I agree with John on this. The actions against Frye-Mueller have increased her support. Even from people that didn’t originally support her. They see this as the unconstitutional action that it was. People of dist 30, and most of this state, are good people that want the truth and are tired of the lies and being told to sit down and shut up.

            1. Ah but we are online. We’re all anonymous, since there is no real veracity behind who is posting. Stick to the argument instead of derailing to complaining about “anonymous”. I’m sure Silence Dogood’s detractors did the same.

  2. She is a good reason why there are term limits. Thank goodness she is normally there only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  3. Sorry, but Ronnie is clueless. District 30 voters are embarrassed and want this all to go away so that we can suffer one final year of her idiocy. JFM has not passed (prime sponsor) a single bill so far this year (she’s 0-7 with another bill withdrawn). Also, if you look at these bills, none of them, if passed, would have been positive for District 30 or the state. We are tired of the conspiracy theories and tin foil hat insanity. A total of waste of a Senate seat.

        1. This might be a lesson for District 30 then: if you want to be represented in Pierre, don’t vote for an imbecile.

        2. Then circulate a petition calling for her resignation. At least get the less insane voters of District 30 on record. It shouldn’t be hard, given the percentages of people who have had at least one dose of Covid vaccine:
          Pennington County 82.9%
          Fall River County 76.2%
          Custer County 65.1%

          Those numbers really do suggest the majority of District 30 voters don’t agree with her about the perils of vaccination, unless you actually believe that nonsense about the shot being more dangerous than cyanide, the vaxxed have all died, and the bodies are piling up on the streets, because there are not enough left of the living to bury the dead.

  4. This kind of rhetoric makes the government bigger and in charge of managing more things because it favors bureaucracy over representation.

    Julie’s being punished because she was right and because she has growing political capital.

    Rather than come up with better ideas and more quantifiably good leadership ideas and complete (risking losing), the instinct was to cheat.

    For shame to allow one bureaucrat to break nearly the entire South Dakota Senate!

    Both demonstrable and impressive.


    That is all.

    1. Julie’s being punished because she was inappropriate with an LRC staffer. Next lie, please.

    1. Maybe they will be able to when JFM quits being a crybaby about being held accountable for her harassment of a subordinate.

  5. This is great news. Those who have denied her district representation, denied her due process, and smeared her deserve to be held accountable. Schoenbeck’s arrogance and distain for conservatism needs to be exposed. I hope this is the beginning of the end for him all those involved in this.

  6. With all the outrageous stuff being said (and posted) by the extreme right-wing and extreme left-wing, one has to wonder if the guys from “Impractical Jokers” aren’t secretly feeding them this stuff.

  7. Dakota War College showing its true colors. Senator Julie Frye-Mueller is the most conservative conservative we have here in South Dakota – see the proof in her scorecard at http://sdcitizensforliberty.org/ Anyone scheming against her is scheming against the conservative people of South Dakota. Shame on you, Dakota War College! Who funds you guys, anyway?

    1. yes, we have figured out the most conservative conservatives want to rollback 500 years of civilization and being back slavery and smallpox. We know. They voted for both at the last two SDGOP conventions.

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