6 Replies to “Greg Jamison making candidacy for Sioux Falls mayor official today”

  1. anonymous

    I sure hope Pat didn’t design that logo. Looks like the office of mayor was an afterthought for a guy who was planning to run for something/anything. You don’t generate excitement by scribbling on the office you are seeking and adding an exclamation point. A style that works for a female candidate (see Kristi Noem ad in the right column without an exclamation point) does not necessarily cross over for a male candidate.

  2. Bucko

    Greg is a decent fellow in a now-crowded field but this race was always heading to a run-off anyway. Who’s got the juice to make it that far? He’s probably 1 of 4 candidates with decent odds but there can be only 2. Only so much oxygen in the room..


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