Haeder for Treasurer Campaign releases campaign video

The Josh Haeder for State Treasurer campaign has released a campaign video to facebook this morning:

The Republican nominations for State Treasurer and other constitutional offices will be held June 20-23 at the State Republican Convention in Pierre.

8 thoughts on “Haeder for Treasurer Campaign releases campaign video”

    1. Haeder can articulate why he wants the job and what he will do. Always good to see new faces and new energy in the GOP running for office.

  1. Decent video, looks like someone who takes an actual interest in the job when looking at his page. Better than some who just run for the sake of running.

  2. I liked that it was a homemade video showing his travels and work ethic. If I’m fortunate enough to have a vote he will get mine.

  3. Visited with friends in minnehaha and Lincoln counties this morning about the constitutional races.

    Most are torn in the AG’s race between Ravnsborg and Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has great experience and Ravnsborg is a tireless campaigner. McGuigan has become a non factor. A swath of delegates support Russell but otherwise would go to Fitzgerald and Ravnsborg.

    Everyone liked Joshua Haeder. He has a lot of passion and grasp of office.

    Very uncertain about our Secretary of State candidates. Most have concerns or questions. Candidates have work to do.

    Auditor is a mixed bag between those who forgot about it and those who don’t like the Pierre game of office swap.

    Most agree we will see more candidates. Maybe even for AG.

    1. Secretary of State candidates??? I thought there was only one–Steve Barnett–did I miss someone?
      I did think that it would have drawn more candidateS but so far I have only seen ONE!

      How can anybody support Lance Russell after his censure after his inappropriate use of office as a States attorney.

      Auditor, Treasurer, PUC, School and Public Lands are all snoozers.

  4. Josh and I ran as a tag team for the S.D. House back in 2008. He’s knows the issues and would make a fine state treasurer. And he’s a heckuva nice guy. I suggested that his campaign slogan should be, “I’m a lover and a Haeder.” Didn’t fly. Wonder why.

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