Neal Tapio preparing to launch US House Bid

If you notice the release just sent out by State Senator Neal Tapio, it served as a reminder for me to see if there were any other external signs that he is preparing to announce in the US House race.  And it just takes a quick trip to his website:

When your website defaults to a WordPress login screen for “Neal Tapio for U.S. House,” it’s probably a good indicator that an announcement of running for that office is coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Neal Tapio preparing to launch US House Bid”

  1. The plot thickens….but it is getting pretty late for anyone to get in for any of these races.

  2. You might be right, but a lot of people said that about Kristi Noem when she ran for Congress.

  3. Yep. Getting pretty late. Unless you’re a self-funded campaign who wasn’t forced to announce a year early by an I.M. 22 disclosure.

  4. Great timing. People are now going to start paying attention. Last year, nobody cared except the money changers that control the establishment politicians.

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