Haugaard for Gov files Campaign Finance Report: $106k Raised. $98.7k Spent. $40k of $106k out of his own pocket. Consultants were the winners.

The Primary Election campaign finance reports are coming in, and it looks like we have a glimpse of how bad Steve Haugaard’s campaign looks.

Steve Haugaard Campaign Finance Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

Haugaard raised $105,693.25.  Except $35,000 came out of his own pocket, and $4,498 came from his campaign committee.  So, he actually raised $66,195.25.

And it looks like the consultants were the big winner, as 43% of his total expenditures went to them as he dropped $42,416.28 of his $98,730.89 spent on them.

Really, Steve could have paid me $25k and gotten off cheaper. I would have told him not to run, because he would get creamed.

And as a bonus, I would have told him not to do the boring fireside updates.

More to come.

12 thoughts on “Haugaard for Gov files Campaign Finance Report: $106k Raised. $98.7k Spent. $40k of $106k out of his own pocket. Consultants were the winners.”

  1. Haugaard hired a spook for a consultant. Nice to see him wasting his money on out-of-state staff that have done nothing to further the campaign.

    1. He signed up to be a Ravnsborg delegate. They have no shame.

      I thought Haugaard was smarter than this.

  2. Actually he has decent presence on radio and online, but with all of Noems scandals I would have been attacking a lot more.

  3. Mr. Haugaard must be very sad. He is almost out of money and Ms. Noem hasn’t even flicked a finger at his gnat-like presence, yet. It’s going to be like when a bull elephant steps upon a dung beetle. Nobody’s even going to notice.

  4. I met Steve in Rapid City at the recent rally there .. I found him to be engaging, unflappable, and informed.

    South Dakota could do a heck of a lot worse.

    My 17 year old daughter grilled him on the SD AG issue and the 5G issue .. she was impressed with his poise and willingness to answer these difficult questions off-the-cuff.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I do appreciate the opportunity to differentiate our candidates.

    We put Steve’s sign in our yard.

    Governor Noem and her team have not called me yet for a sign .. I write them often to share my thoughts and ideas.

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