Hawks continues to align campaign with Planned Parenthood & highlight abortion issue.

As evidence of the reason why Paula Hawks is a favorite of pro-abortion group NARAL, she continues to go all-in on the issue, basing her latest fundraising appeal on supporting the group which has been in the news for selling the body parts obtained from abortions:

Kristi Noem is running a political sideshow.

South Dakotans know the important work that Planned Parenthood is delivering for thousands of families across South Dakota, providing health screenings, STD testing, detecting cancer, and family planning. But Kristi Noem is busy sponsoring legislation to eliminate funding for vitally important services millions of people rely on.

Join me today to say enough with the war on women’s health!

Instead of tackling the issues that affect every day South Dakotans, she is pandering to Republican extremists in Washington for her own personal ambitions. 

This is why I am running for the U.S. House, to fight for the issues that South Dakotans care about and to make government work again. It is time for obstructionists like Kristi Noem to leave Washington.

Chip in today so we can put an end to Kristi Noem and Republican extremist’s political sideshows.

I will fight to protect funding for women’s health. I will fight every day for the issues that affect South Dakotans: lowering the cost of prescription drugs, fixing students loan debt, saying enough to the war on women, and protecting family farms and ranches.

Enough with the sideshow, let’s get to work.

Paula Hawks

There’s that “extreme” word again. she must be in the first chapter of the dem attack manual along with the new Dem ED.

The fact of the matter is that Congresswoman Noem represent South Dakota well, and Paula Hawks brings nothing to the table.

But it’s not really effective to campaign on the basis that you’re not nearly as qualified as the current officeholder, but still want to be elected. Is it?

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  1. Does Paula Hawks get her breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls? If they truly offer such services, should she not be getting them there? I find it interesting that liberals complain that women have to drive all the way to Sioux Falls to get an abortion at the lone, inaccessible clinic in the state; yet, in the same breath, they claim that the same clinic somehow provides critical services other than abortion that are not realistically available elsewhere to so many women not associated with abortion services. Really? You cannot make both arguments. Paula Hawks is a great candidate for the Democrats. We are going to hit her again and again on this issue. Abortion is her only issue. It is the only reason she is in the legislature and is the only thing she campaigns on. To have her go down in flames fully invested in the pro-abortion platform is a great development for pro-lifers. Having a loser associated with a losing agenda only sinks the ship that much faster.

  2. I like the idea of making female democrats get all their medical care at PP.

    If it’s so wonderful and comprehensive, they have no excuse for going anywhere else.

  3. Considering the last time I was in a Planned Parenthood clinic it was staffed by an activist college student doing the counseling and manning the front desk and a part-time nursing home janitor doing the clinical work, I would suggest skipping Planned Parenthood and going somewhere that actually helps women.

  4. I’m kind of torn on the Hawks strategy. Obviously this issue is a big loser in SD with SD voters. Is she just trying to get the base fired up because she knows she can’t win anyway?


    Debt per person 5 years into Kristi Noem’s time in Congress: $57,000

    Debt per person when Kristi ran for Congress in 2010: $42,000

    Has Kristi really made a difference? She’s voted for all of the budgets.

    I would use this if I were the Democrats against Noem. I think it’s a valid point to make and would make SD Voters think.

    1. Jonathan Ellis should also ask Kristi Noem a question on this. I don’t think it’s a good enough answer to say It’s Barack Obama’s fault anymore. We have the House and the Senate. And what are we doing to tackle the debt?

      She is now on Ways and Means. When does this country officially run out of money if we keep spending at the rate we are?

      $57,000 per person debt.

      1. I would also call it “Booker’s Debt” because that is her child that she was so concerned about having massive debt. His debt is still growing huge with a GOP controlled congress after 5 years. Congress controls the purse strings.

        Nothing has changed in DC.

    2. You say each person’s debt is $57,000 without saying what each person’s share of the net worth of USA is. Each person has a credit/worth of around $798,000. It’s not proper accounting to mention a debt without comparing it to the debtors net worth.

  5. It’s an invalid argument to talk about debt without talking about worth. Let’s do a quick balance sheet for USA. The USA has a net worth of around $225 trillion dollars and a debt of around $17 trillion dollars. Removing some of the zeros makes for a more “personal” type of comparison, since none of us has ever dealt with a trillion dollars. If you had $225,000 in the bank and you owed $17,000 for a new pick-up and you had no other debt, would you consider yourself in a “debt crisis”? Of course not. That’s a perfectly acceptable debt to worth ratio. The problem isn’t the debt. The problem is that there isn’t enough income coming in to service it. That’s because the super-wealthy aren’t paying their fair share. But they surely have enough money to donate to Republican politicians to ensure that their tax rate stays way below what it should be for growth in USA.

    1. The Government doesn’t get to claim ownership of your property and borrow against it, any more than you can claim ownership of all of your neighbors’ property and go to the bank and borrow against that total.

          1. USA can tax wealth. Don’t you pay taxes on your house? And the USA net worth could be sold at any time, if need be. We could sell South Dakota to China so they have a place to dump their nuclear waste or we could sell the rights to water in the Colorado River or we could sell Texas just because it’s a pain in the ass.

          2. There are any number of ad valorem taxes. The accumulated earrings tax and the estate taxes are prominent. There are also taxes on among other things motor fuels, communications devices, and automobiles.

        1. As a Republican I am glad people like Porter are strategists for the SDDP. We will keep winning without being scratched.

          1. Winning what? One seat in the House and the lowest number of electoral votes of any state?

              1. You’re right. The political party in power has an overwhelming lead in Sodak. Nothing to worry about. Piece of cake, so to speak. You could go fishin’ and the election would take care of itself.

                1. Do you really believe that? every candidate, at every level works, and works hard to earn every vote they get. It doesn’t matter if they have an R,D,I, or what ever after their name.

  6. Porter that one line which the Drive Bys hammered Romney on incessantly, you know the 47% of America on Gov. Assistance; its up over 50 today.( And don’t bring farmers up now because they actually produce a valuable commodity. )
    The selling of stuff to Americans is being greatly enhanced by the giving of the Federal Government. Agreed? The problem is the debt to productivity ratio. The private sector needs good spreadsheets of assumed profit caused by producing a good or service valuable enough for the consumer to pay enough money for a profit to occur in order to obtain financing. Risk is assumed by both lender and borrower. Every time the Federal government increases income taxes less productivity then occurs causing further erosion of job opportunities which in turn create more people moving into Gov assistance. You may not want to admit it but the true reality of trickle down economics isn’t so much wealth being handed out easily to lower income groups it truly becomes increased job opportunities creating self made wealth and productivity which in turn spurs increased income tax receipts. This is why when we lower income taxes the gross becomes larger even though the single payer rates drop. David Stockman hated selling it for RR but it ended up working not only in theory but across the board in Federal Revenue increases.

  7. Not agreed. Increasing the tax on the super-wealthy would spur production. As is, these fat cats feel no need to increase their output but if they were taxed properly the wheels would start to flow. As a wise man said, “We’ve had plenty of DOWN. Now where’s the damn trickle?” When we lower income taxes it just makes servicing the unpaid war debt even more hard to service – Once again, USA’s problem isn’t with the balance sheet. USA’s problem is with the income statement.

    1. Charlie makes some fine points there, but even his abundant cherry picking can’t hide the truth.

      Ronald Reagan’s presidency and his bizarre economic theory started the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world – from America’s massive middle class to the rich.

      Well – that shouldn’t surprise any of us. That’s what he and his cronies got paid to do.

  8. Almost two years ago, this political website published a blog piece asking the question as to why abortion seemed to no longer be an issue in South Dakota. This piece challenged fellow pro-life Republicans (and especially Tea-Partiers) to take-up the charge on this issue, but now you think it is a viable issue once again, I ask how?

    Your own (DWC’s) critique of this issue in the recent past only proves that abortion is not a winnable issue for South Dakota pro-life Republicans, but you persist on beating a political dead horse on this one.

    Not only that, but twice in the last nine years, a majority of South Dakotans have said “no” to the pro-life agenda at the ballot box.

    And now, you say Hawks will be hurt by her PP/NARAL position. I do not think so, your own logic and past comments prove you wrong:


  9. Porter,

    Give me some backup the NW of the USA is $225 trillion. Otherwise, I will disregard your comments on this matter..

  10. Porter,

    As I expect you to have found your number is bogus and your ego doesn’t allow you to admit you are wrong, I will inform others on the truth.

    The “Net Worth” of the U.S. is roughly half the amount quoted by Porter and includes the net worth of every American which belies YOUR net worth is available to bail out the federal government’s debt since he deemed YOUR net worth when determining we didn’t have to much federal debt relative to “net worth.”

    Just remember this every time Porter speaks: what is YOURS is really available to be spent on what PORTER wants to spend it on. Your very existence is to serve him and his causes.

  11. Mr. Jones and all the HIGH VALUE VOTERS (voters who’ve not made up their minds, yet) … Have you ever noticed that Republicans only talk of the debt crisis when they talk to each other? That’s because an educated liberal will take their lunch and share half with a poor person.
    I didn’t say the USA net worth was available to bail out the debt. I said the USA net worth ($225 trillion) is the collateral that guarantees our loans. It’s the USA income statement that is available to bail out the debt and it’s the problem. Too few super-wealthy and huge corporations are paying their fair share.
    Mr. Jones …. you’re quite harsh when you think you’ve found a mistake on my part. It’s your mean spirit that is the trademark of your political party. It should take you far.
    Here’s the information you requested. Thank you for your interest in USA economics.
    ~ Every quarter the Federal Reserve releases the Z.1 Financial Accounts of the United States Report.
    The Z.1 report is essentially a balance sheet capturing all the assets of the United States of America.
    This includes real estate holdings (IYR), deposits, savings, and money tied up in stocks, mutual funds and ETFs like the S&P 500 SPDR (SPY), QQQ (QQQ), Dow Diamonds (DIA), etc.
    The Z.1 report also provides asset figures for nonfinancial businesses, the domestic financial sector (commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, etc.), state and local governments, the federal government and holdings of foreign owners).
    Total U.S. assets amount to about $225 trillion. Here is the entire story, Mr. Jones.

  12. Porter,

    By definition, collateral is available for repayment upon default or as you say “guarantees our loans.”

    In other words, you believe my home equity is guaranteeing the federal debt. You really are either crazier or stupider than I thought.

  13. You’re weak at reading and learning. Your personal assets aren’t the collateral that backs USA’s small debt of $17 trillion BUT the State of South Dakota is. Should USA decide to sell your state to China like Russia sold Alaska to USA that would be pertinent to the explanation.
    I’m not comfortable talking with someone who insults for pleasure. Why don’t you and the Anonymous commenter insult each other for a while if that makes you happy? In conclusion: The USA debt is not in crisis and USA entitlements are not the problem. It’s the super-low tax rate being paid by the mega-rich and huge corporations that isn’t bringing in the income we need for growth. Raising taxes on the upper 1% and equalizing the top management to worker ratio will fix our problems straight away. LWIY (last word is yours)

    1. Only in your liberal fantasy land is this true. Only in “Porter’s World” is there not a debt crisis in this country. Your logic is breathtaking.

  14. This website is so awesome… thanks Pat! One of my favorite things to do every day is come on here and watch Porter Lansing dance around himself to try and sound smart and more important and a bigger “know-it-all’ than all other “know-it-alls.”

    Pat, I don’t know if you know this, but you’re providing an incredible and free health service you may want to start charging money to witness. They say that laughter is the best medicine and each time I read Porter’s comments, on whatever issue he chooses for the day, I laugh my butt off.

    Thanks Pat! I’m healthier for having been here.

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