Hawks proud to be democrat. Something Weiland seems ashamed of. 

Today’s Rapid City Journal headline seems to illustrate a divide among state democrats. 

You have those who embrace it..

And those like Rick Weiland who are working to conceal their party identification.

I guess I just don’t understand the divide. You have those Democrats who are proud to be so, and you have those like Rick Weiland who seems ashamed of it, and wants to hide it from everyone in every election through his proposed ballot measure to conceal party information on the ballot.

It will be interesting to see what side of the dividethe state Democrat Party falls out on the proposal to hide party identification. 

Will they be proud like Paula Hawks? Or will they endorse the requirement and consider “D” a scarlet letter?

6 thoughts on “Hawks proud to be democrat. Something Weiland seems ashamed of. ”

  1. Could we possibly get Hawks to have a media event in which she is performing an abortion while crying about being a Democrat? It would really bring her two favorite things together in one media appearance.

    1. That would kill the cat, too. What point are you trying to make?

      I think Hawks is a joke and she doesn’t stand a chance because she is pro-infanticide, pro-socialism, and pro-centralized control. She is an anathema to the general world view of the majority of South Dakotans.

      Also, I understand she supports the Iran deal-stooopid!

  2. someone who was really proud to be a democrat would try and get some other smart people to take up the cause of doing the major overhaul the state party needs, rather than cheerfully be the next victim to stand at the cliff’s edge and wait for the ‘push.’

  3. Rick Weiland has a lot in common with many Democrats who joined the GOP to get elected..

  4. For a “banker,” Hawks doesn’t understand math. Cause as a dem candidate she needs the addition of the majority (non-democrats) to check her box to win a race. Great strategy out of the gates.

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