Woster at KELO: Democrats can’t win 

I’m sure it’s a kick in the teeth to South Dakota Democrats, but what are you going to do? Kevin Woster isn’t saying anything that isn’t true:

Let’s be honest. The Democrats can’t win that seat in 2016 — not unless Thune gets caught crossing the Jones County Line to poach Lyman County pheasants (or he falls to the unlikely, for a man of his West River sensibilities, whimsy of a presidential run), he’s pretty much a lock for reelection next year.

So, what to do, if you’re the Democrats?

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16 thoughts on “Woster at KELO: Democrats can’t win ”

  1. Let’s be honest: Woster just isn’t that good. John Thune is probably more in jeopardy than he has ever been because people are finally realizing that he’s all whine and no action. Being a leader of the surrender caucus is no longer a positive. If he endorses Jeb and Trump or Cruz win the nomination, there will probably be a purge of many of the pretenders in the US Senate.

    1. Your assessment could be true. He may yet have his worst reelection showing this time around with only 72% of the vote. We will see.

    2. Jeopardy? Nothing is further from the truth.

      Thune can keep this job as long as he wants it. If he decides to run for higher office, or if he becomes the Senate Majority leader, then he may be in jeopardy. Daschle lost because he gave up any resemblance to a SD resident when he was in leadership, need to spout the Democratic line day in and day out. Too many news bites of him saying one thing, then coming home to say something different didn’t fly, and it wouldn’t for Thune either.

      Thune is safe, as he should be. And everyone knows it.

    3. Giving any more power to the socialists/democrats in DC after the dictatorship of Obummer isn’t going to sit well with the majority of the voting and working South Dakota citizenry, so I don’t think Thune is going to be in jeopardy, regardless of your assessment. Any demo in DC would be a rubber stamp for more socialism which is a destructive force, and I think America is waking up. I think now that we’re rid of Timmy Johnson and Tom Dash-hole, I think South Dakotans aren’t going to go down that bad road again for a long time to come-hopefully never!

      1. “dictatorship of Obummer”

        Wait a minute! I’m not a big fan of Obama but If there was a dictatorship why are there candidates running for President? Dictators don’t normally give up power and allow elections. Was there a military coup in that we didn’t know about that swept Obama into office?

        Please explain Obama being a dictator?

        1. Well, it’s a year until the election. Given Obama’s penchant for ignoring the Constitution and doing exactly what he wants when he wants to whomever he wants, I wouldn’t rule out that he could cancel the election and a lot of the dumb electorate and Congress would once again allow him to get away with it. Say, for national security reasons or some such BS. Anyway, with Obama and his minions nothing can be ruled out.

          As far as Obama being a dictator, that is exactly how he is “ruling” right now with his executive actions and EPA and other agency regulations, that are essentially laws his executive branch has passed without benefit of Congress. I think that type of governing pretty much is dictatorial, don’t you?

  2. I know socialism taking care of vets in the hospital.Shame on you Tim Johnson for introducing a mandatory funding bill to take care of all veterans where was Thune on this.

  3. Anyone please tell me how any common threaded conservative congressperson could have done anything good; legislatively speaking, for the working middle-class American in the last seven years with a socialist President vetoing every bill designed on helping the small business owner. (Notwithstanding Hairy Hardballs Reid hiding every GOP Senate bill!)

  4. Campaign conservatives never are able to accomplish anything conservative, are they Charlie? On Charlie’s watch, South Dakota had EB-5, Commom Core and SD WINS. Our no new taxes governor is really accomplished, isn’t he Charlie?

    1. tea party codespeak. you’re all soooo practiced in dishing out the hot-button issues, and yet not one voter in ten knows what the heck you’re even talking about half the time. why is that?

  5. This thread was about our Congressional Delegation and the finite amount of room they were allowed to actually Govern in DC.

    The purists here who bring up old news though are pretty smart in cherry picking their anti-everyone issues. Tsk Tsk Tsk LOL whomever you are , you are VERY insignificant…………..

  6. I think it is starting to become apparent that the campaign conservatives are somewhat insignificant, Charlie. However, the question was what conservative issue has our “no new taxes” governor accomplished?

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