Hildebrand holding presser to complain that homeless people are spending money at his coffee house.

From Facebook, apparently, it’s been an interesting week at Josiah’s in Sioux Falls:


July 16: Yay, business is great…


July 20th – again, Yay, record business…..



And to supplement that, I’m hearing he called a press conference on it at 10:30.

Am I the only one scratching their head over his praising the business coming from the homeless people , and then howling “This is YOUR coffeehouse – NOT THEIRS.”

Say a bar owner opened a brand new fancy bar. And because of it’s location, theme, etc, whatever, it began to be frequented by a significant number of members of the LGBT community, and the bar owner was a bit homophobic.   What would Hildy’s position be if the bar owner started posting on facebook “This is YOUR bar – NOT THEIRS.”

It seems more than a bit elitist and snobbish to complain that these paying customers are being hauled in by his political opponents who are buying them food there.

If they were just taking up space and denying paying customers, that’s one thing.  But praising their business one week, and then holding a press conference the next to complain about it?

What do you think? And would you turn people away from your business if they weren’t of your economic class?

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  1. As I read it, the “homeless” people were brought in and were disruptive simply because of the owner’s stance against payday lenders; this was the whole point of their being there. And who is to say that the increased business he is now posting about isn’t due to customers who want to support his business and support his stance against payday loan business. I’ve never been to this business so know nothing about it, but these posts make complete sense to me. If this owner is working against the payday lending laws in SD and is targeted because of this, which apparently is the case, why not post about it? There are many people who are upset with payday loans, and this targeting of his business only shows the tactics of the people who support such laws.

    Sort of like Chick-Fil-A being targeted because of their beliefs, and then people turning out to do business with them in support of their right to their beliefs.

  2. Pat you are way off base on this story. Professional racial incident agitators have been hired from Atlanta by Roy Aycox to give $40 a day to the homeless here to be a pain at Josiah’s. It has been going on for two weeks. The story is the loan lords and the payday bosses will stoop this low to use the poor to further their greed. It ought to make everyone in our state mad. Hildebrand fed 50 homeless people whatever they wanted in his coffee shop the other day.

    1. Who’s paying you to take up this cause Steve? How much is the group Center for Reasonable Lending paying you? You make all these claims without any proof but all signs point to this 36% cap being a campaign by the sub-prime king Sandler and his leftist political team.

      1. Center for Reaponsible Lending has given zero. Stupid insinuation. None of us are paid. We do this because exploiting the poor is wrong.

        1. “Exploiting the poor is wrong”. uh huh. But kicking them out of your upper class boutique coffee shop is ok. The hypocrisy is sickening.

          1. He gave them free food and let them keep their money. No hypocrisy. Until today he only banned the out of town professional racial incident agitators.

            1. Steve how many were brought in to agitate this? How many were just local homeless that were exploited for this? Can you confirm he paid them $40.00? Was it at the homeless shelter?

              I’ll need to make a few trips to Sioux Falls to purchase a number of goodies from Josiah’s now.

              1. I’ll be happy to stand in a long line for my order or sit outside if they purposely try to camp out inside the café.

    2. I don’t always agree with the Steve’s (Hickey and Hildebrandt) but they are right here. Money is changing hands and lies are being told.

      This action by “Deacon Pete” is tantamount to abuse of the homeless population.

  3. Just watched Angela with KELO TV on line, she should be ashamed of the biased way she interrogated the homeless customers. Looks like Steve has KELO in his back pocket.
    Perhaps she should ask such pointed questions of Steve and how his legislation will in fact hurt many of the needy and not so fortunate people in our state who use on payday loans.

  4. Steve H. & Steve H., you two guys are the smartest guys in the room.
    Why don’t you guys go pick on someone your own size, say First Premiere Bank Card & T. Denny.

    1. Here’s the link connecting loan lord Rod Aycox to “Deacon Pete” aka Floyd Peter Pickett Jr. who has been here handing out $40 to the homeless every morning for two weeks. He is here with other from Atlanta.


      In case you are new to this matter: it is Aycox company Select Management who has sued Marty Jackley about our ballot measure.

      1. Steve do you know where this Floyd Pete is handing out the money? It would be nice to spend $40.00 at Josiah’s with a nice meal, coffee and bring home some bread, scones or a pie.

  5. Paying people to vote … paying people to go drink coffee …
    Sounds like a page out of the union & democratic play book … love it!!!
    How’s it feel boys?

  6. Steve H., maybe you should donate your unexpected windfall coffee & scones profit to the Bishop Dudley House?

  7. Lamont got his coffee. Free coffee. For shame on all who would spin this as anything other than what it is: a an out of state greasy loan lord using the poor as human shields to further his greed.

    Aycox has proven mob ties.

    1. Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone…

  8. Rev Hickey –

    Maybe you should go in there and talk to the homeless people about how butt sex is like driving a garbage truck down a back alley.

    I’m sure it will drive anyone within earshot out of Josiah’s.

  9. Odd. These homeless are well-off. I have a full time job and I can’t afford the gold-plated offerings Mr Hildebrand whips up every morning.

    1. Obviously higher minimum wages are offering the homeless the chance to done at Josiah’s. Basic economics.

  10. Like Rep. Hickey, I have disagreed with Hilde on almost everything. But make no mistake, the payday lenders will stop at nothing to bring both Hickey and Hilde down. The lenders know they can’t win on the straight up ballot measure so they will try to destroy the proponents and confuse the voters.

    1. I am concerned that Chuck is getting a stronghold in this town with the empire he is building. I am not a fan of this heavy-handedness from him and his friends. And my guess is… it only gets worse.

  11. Why the sudden influx of homeless people? Why is this Floyd Pickett all of the sudden bringing all these homeless people here? There are plenty of places to eat within walking distance of the shelters. Why Josiah’s everyday?

  12. So, “Hilde” can choose who he serves and who he does not wish to serve …
    I sure as heck hope none of these homeless people are gay.
    Seems to me, the supreme court just had something to say about this …
    How does the proprietor determine if they are homeless, or homeless & gay?
    No one should be able to discriminate against anyone that is homeless & gay!

    1. Good point. Shouldn’t Hildy be forced to serve poor customers. How dare he refuse service to someone that doesn’t have the same income as the shop owner.

      1. Sherlock & Follow The Money are you two involved in the payday loan industry?

  13. I’m not a fan of Hildebrand, first of all. But he is being targeted simply because he is trying to do something about a payday lending system. And that is what is wrong here. I doubt he would have a problem with serving anyone, as long as they were respectful and didn’t try to hurt his business. But, I guess this is the same type of stuff that is employed by the far leftists when someone tries to exercise their religious freedom, so I guess maybe he is just getting a taste of his party’s own tactics. It’s not right no matter which side does it.

  14. These are powerful people and they are attacking small business opponents with underhanded efforts like this? Shame on anyone who tries to justify these kind of tactics.

    If Hildebrand’s story is true, it appears that loan sharks can be nasty folks. Who would have guessed?

  15. Anyone with a sense of the history of political dirty tricks has to appreciate this one. The fact that it’s been pulled on a pro like Steve adds a delicious irony to things. I’d guess he’s planning a further, much more sophisticated response and the tweet is just the opening salvo.

  16. What is funny is that he is experiencing exactly the same thing that many confrontation-avoiding conservative business owners face every day: outrageous liberals eager for a show and a quick buck or claim to pity. Now the tables have turned, and he is the victim. I’m sorry; I don’t feel a bit of sympathy for him. Someone figured out how to use the liberal playbook against a liberal. He deserves it.

    1. Confrontation-avoiding conservative business owners face … what every day? And every day? Really? Every day?

      Where did Mr. Hildebrand state he is a victim and ask for your sympathy?

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