Hubbel decries political opportunists.. after changing parties.

Dana Ferguson of the Argus has posted her story regarding Lora Hubbel’s attacks. And it just keeps getting funnier:

Lederman, who was elected state chair in February, registered to vote as a Democrat in Iowa 1998, and records show he last voted there in 2000. He is still registered to vote in the state as a Democrat, a Jasper County official said Wednesday.

Hubbel, who rejoined the GOP last year after a two-month stint in the state’s Constitution Party, said the record demonstrates the state’s Republican Party has been “highjacked by political opportunists.”


“As your next governor, I will take away the liberal top cover for these fake Republicans…”

Read it all here.

Darned political opportunists…

UPDATE: Here’s a visual representation of a Lora Hubbel campaign presser:

24 thoughts on “Hubbel decries political opportunists.. after changing parties.”

    1. What does Ravnsborg have to do with Hubbel, you idiot? Is that you Stace Nelson? If you are simply trying to smear Ravnsborg, come up with some new material, because your attempt at humor isn’t based on fact.

      Nelson/Heidelberger 2018!!!! Ha ha ha,

    1. Actually, that is pretty funny but you’d have been accurate if you had taken out the literally.

      Literally, he is a Republican because his last registration is what prevails.

      But, I do think it is the funniest line of the week.

      1. Fergusen spends too much time on the blogs if she finds this news worthy. Her readers don’t.

      1. 6 months is not that long 🙂 She jumps around from Independent to Constitution Party and wants to lecture people on what it means to be a Republican, how rich!

  1. Wow! Some of this stuff just baffles the mind.

    Senator Nelson is stating the Govenor is obstructing the Gear up investigation.

    PIERRE, S.D. ( — Governor Dennis Daugaard is responding to remarks made recently by State Senator Stace Nelson, who has been critical of the Government Operations and Audit Committee and the Governor’s handling of the GEAR UP program investigation.

    Now Lora Hubbel is attacking the head of the Republican Party. The party she stating to be a part of.

    If Senator Nelson wants the Governor’s office cooperation it seems the best way to make nice. Of course, if you are always in attack mode, expect to be attacked.

    And Ms Hubbel actions just boggle the mind. She says she want to be governor, then attacks every republican leader she can. These are people who can help get her the votes she needs. She needs to appeal to people that she is ready to serve. It is just not happening

  2. Dana is better than this. Does anyone really care what Lederman was? The democrats nominated a former Republican for governor in 2010. What is new?

  3. Has anyone investigated the Chair of the Democrat Party? I heard Ann Tornberg was registered with the Socialist Party. Oh wait, she’s a democrat… same thing.

  4. Seriously, why is Lederman still a registered Democrat in Iowa ? Isn’t that illegal ? Does he still live there ? The officials in Iowa say he is still registered as an active Dem ! So, he could have voted twice in different states? I say hurrah for Stace ! Daugaard, Schopp, et al, have been covering up and ignoring the Gear Up debacle for several years. The proof is in the e-mails of the Dept. of Ed that Stace helped uncover. Did Jackey and the AG’s office uncover them like they should have ? Heck no ! If it wasn’t for Nelson, Tapio, and the other honest members of GOAC; Melmer, Moore, Schopp, Phelps, Darnell, and the rest of the educrooks would have gotten away with this !!!

    1. “In 2005, Kansas created the Interstate Crosscheck System in which 30 states compare registration lists for duplicate entries. When duplicate listings are found, state elections notify each other or local elections offices. It’s up to those local offices to remove those names from the voter rolls. Some do, some don’t.”

      If it’s still there, it is because the local official hasn’t purged it. Has nothing to do with Dan, which makes Lora look even more wack-a-doodle.

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