Lora Hubbel’s backfiring press conference….

As we go further and further down the rabbit hole… From KELO Radio:

Party changing Hubbel accuses SDGOP chair of party changing

Republican candidate for South Dakota governor Lora Hubbel has accused state GOP chair Dan Lederman of being a Democrat.

In a series of emails, she provided a document that showed Lederman was a registered Democrat when he lived in Iowa–in 2000.


Earlier this year, Hubbel resigned as chair of the South Dakota Constitutional Party. In 2014, she ran as the lieutenant governor candidate as an independent, with the late Mike Myers.

They ran as Independents, while Dennis Daugaard and Matt Michels ran as Republicans and Susan Wismer and Susie Blake ran as Democrats.

Currently, Hubbel claims to be a member of the Republican Party.

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