I knew I stopped out to see Rounds and Thune for a reason. They’re likeable!

Catching the news as I wander through the Chicago airport connecting to my Sioux Falls flight on United Airlines (yes, that United)…

I knew I stopped out to see Senator Rounds and Thune for a reason. They’re currently among the most popular Senators in the United States:

Seriously, according to the latest
rankings from the website “Morning Consult,” Senator Thune comes in as the #7th Most popular US Senator in America, at 66% approval and Senator Mike Rounds at #16 comes in at 61% approval.

(Governor Daugaard beats them both at #5 Governor in the US with 68% approval as of Morning Consult’s latest rankings

No word on an April US House ranking yet.)

Read all about it here.

As much as Democrats might complain, a strong majority of South Dakotans like our Republican leaders.

6 thoughts on “I knew I stopped out to see Rounds and Thune for a reason. They’re likeable!”

  1. So in other words, Governor Daugaard, who wants to bring ObamaCare to South Dakota, vetoed the bathroom bill last year, raised the state sales tax last year, and supports the idea of concealed weapons permits, is more popular than Senator Thune, huh…..

    1. So in other words, you’re in a small minority. SD likes our Governor. Someone has to have some common sense.

  2. Morning Consult is the official polling partner of POLITICO. Additionally, at this moment, Morning Consult’s lead entry at their website is how Pepsi’s latest add was viewed favorably by viewers. That same add was pulled by Pepsi and mocked by SNL. Can that hook even hold a hat ? Congratulations, all. (Pat included)

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