IM22 has student pharmacists possibly canceling health screenings.

A reader tells me that they’re hearing that the student pharmacists who travel to Pierre every year are wondering how to quantify the gift from their health screening. And unfortunately, it’s easier to cancel than do that.

Initiated Measure 22’s damage continues to roll on.

14 thoughts on “IM22 has student pharmacists possibly canceling health screenings.”

  1. Aggregate all your IM22 bitching into one friggin’ post and edit/add as necessary, ffs. We get you’re upset, but it’s impossible to have any sort of substantive discussion on the topic when you keep diluting the issue with your insistence on spamming every minor update with its own post.

    Want to lose readers? This is how you lose readers.

  2. I’m posting them as they are sent to me. I can’t help it if people are waking up and realizing that the law is an utter disaster.

    Otherwise… I’m sure I’ll manage to find some way to survive another decade if I don’t heed your advice.

    1. Nobody is complaining that you’re “informing” as reports roll in. I’m just complaining that there’s no way to even attempt a discussion spread over a dozen different posts.

      By the way, nice strawman victimizing. My point was not about your survival, but rather that just like the overly complicated IM22 we’re talking about, people are just going to be overwhelmed and not bother to engage… Unless that’s your intent?

  3. 11:11 am is 100% wrong. This is hugely important to South Dakota. Please continue to report. I look to you as a source to understand what’s going on.

    1. I never said it wasn’t important. Quite the contrary, in fact. All I said was is that its impossible to have a discussion of any substance when all the comments get spread out and diluted over a dozen different posts. I fail to see how aggregating the “reports” as they come into one post which gets edited and updated, and all the commentary/discussion can happen under one parent post.

  4. All the ramifications of this ill are now being felt by every facet of South Dakota, and highlighting each as it occurs just reinforces its idiocy. Keep pointing out every one of these and the negative impact they are having on local economies that rely on business meetings, the state revenues that rely on sales tax revenue, and the ability of the legislators to listen to the people they are elected to serve.

    Please, legislators, make it much harder for these initiated measures to ever see the light of day again on a South Dakota ballot!!! This year’s IM’s and proposed Constitutional amendments have made it harder for an actual good idea to ever get on the ballot again. People are just going to automatically say NO to everything even more so than happened this year.

    And Weiland, where are you? Why aren’t you touting the phenomenal success of IM 22 and what a wonderful thing it is??!! I think this year has sunk his ship for good politically.

    1. He’s out there sending emails about what a great jobs he’s done taking it back. And pocketing plenty himself I’m sure.

    2. We can only hope that this will keep Ricky from bothering people again. However, I think that is too much to ask that we be rid of him.

      1. Don’t forget folks, that’s Initiated Measure 22 SPONSORED by Don Frankenfeld & Rick Weiland.

  5. Where is Jaa Dee to comment on the pharmacy students’ role in pay-to-play? I thought sure he’d have a salient point to make about this additional cancellation courtesy of Weiland and his hideous minions.

  6. Question for the viewers. How would this impact those dinners provided by the Governor to leadership every week?

  7. There is a list of bill sponsors and/crafters and people I will always vote against. Rick Weiland is one of them. When I saw him on that bill design….the old “no” circle was filled in! Make note South Dakotans. Rick Weiland measures are a “no”! Lol!

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