In about 36 24 hours, I’ll be in Boston. In 48 36, I should be in an Irish Pub in Boston.

My vacation is almost upon me, and the itinerary is set.  In about 36 hours I should be in Boston, or very close to landing at the Boston airport.

I’ve been looking forward to this vacation for weeks, so I’m pretty pumped up. I believe we’re planning on walking the freedom trail as soon as we get our things to the hotel.

In the past couple of weeks, anticipation for walking the Freedom Trail has taken on more meaning after having spent some time working on my genealogy. I discovered I had an ancestor or two on my mother’s side who participated in the American Revolution. Peter Waltz served as a private in the Maryland Continental Troops from April 1775 to September 1780, and participated in 14 battles of the Revolution.

Unfortunately, I’m going to Massachusetts, not Maryland. But I did get in contact with a 2nd cousin on my father’s side who teaches at MIT, and who has also done extensive genealogical work on the other side of the family, where they all trace back to Ireland in the early 1800’s.

Otherwise, most of them lived in Rhode Island. I’m really going to have to take a better planned trip next time. But I digress.

Boston is full of American History, and I’m looking forward to soaking it all in as much as I can in the time allotted.  From there, we go to Salem, Massachusets.  Portland, Maine., and back to Boston for a final day in bean town.

My wife wants to hit the oyster place, (that’s her thing). Me? I’d really love to find the Irish pub I visited the last time when I was there. It was authentic as they come.

If I find something interesting along the way, I’ll be sure to share.

3 thoughts on “In about 36 24 hours, I’ll be in Boston. In 48 36, I should be in an Irish Pub in Boston.”

  1. Your mission is to acquire the name and number of a local lobster seller who can ship an ice box full to my house.

    Good luck.

  2. I am full of envy. Boston is truly a worthy place for a historical trip.

    My ancestor who fought in the revolutionary war was in the North Carolina Militia. I have not made it there yet, either.

    All the states you mention are liberal bastions, today. I wonder if that had some influence on this web-page. Just think how this page would be if they had immigrated to Virginia or South Carolina? Maybe, just maybe, we’d have postings of a conservative bent. Oh, if we could be so lucky.

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