In my mailbox – the ’48 slate for the SDGOP

Came across a great paper item I bought on eBay the other day with the 1948 slate of South Dakota Republican Candidates. As someone who designs this kind of material for candidates and groups, I find it interesting to see how political campaigning was presented in our state nearly 75 years ago with names that are familiar, and some who have lapsed from the public’s awareness:

The full GOP ticket as noted in the brochure that year was..

  • Thomas Dewey – President
  • Earl Warren – Vice President
  • Karl Mundt – US Senate
  • Harold Lovre – Congress (1st)
  • Francis Case – Congress (2nd)
  • George Mickelson – Gov
  • Rex Terry – Lt. Gov
  • Sig Anderson – AG
  • Annamae Riiff – SOS
  • Stee Anderson – Auditor
  • Clarence Buehler – Treasurer
  • Bernard Linn – School & Lands
  • Fred Lindekugel – PUC

And happy to note that all were successful in their election efforts in the state.  (Dewey & Warren fell short elsewhere.)

One thought on “In my mailbox – the ’48 slate for the SDGOP”

  1. Hey! That SSL/Image thing seems to be fixed?

    I was walking the capitol building yesterday and I think I saw a painting of an actual vampire. 🙂

    Do you know how many people curse your name because you have fun with these historical artifacts? It’s a psychosis.

    Keep curating this stuff. It’s a good and healthy hobby and I enjoy seeing your progress.

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