Activist/protester who kept trying to get arrested in DC trying to cause disorder in South Dakota. Fellow protester in court for pending drug & assault charges.

I hadn’t caught it until someone pointed it out today but semi-professional protester Tiffany Campbell was in Sioux Falls this week trying to cause a fuss at a Kristi Noem campaign event, alongside someone who has her own interesting back story:

Leah Bothamley of Spearfish and Tiffany Campbell of Sioux Falls approached the governor as she prepared to enter Golf Addiction, where a “Food Truck Tuesday” event was on offer.


Bothamley said she was tipped off that Noem would be at Golf Addiction, so she decided to drive across the state to talk with her.

It was a chance to get into “good trouble,” Bothamley told The Daily beast, quoting the late Georgia Congressman John Lewis.


Campbell is no political novice, nor is she new to confrontation. She said she has been arrested four times in Washington, D.C.—three times while protesting against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in 2018, and once during a protest in favor of trans rights.

Read that story here.

The story leaves a bit out when it mentions that Campbell is not “new to confrontation.”  Because just a couple of years ago, her “confrontations” seemed to be as much about raising money for her activities as being disruptive:

As noted back then, this kind of nonsense makes a good case for why a riot boosting law was a good idea.    But Campbell wasn’t alone in her attention seeking behavior, as she was accompanied by Leah Bothamley of Spearfish.  Who seems to be just a treat herself.

So Leah Bothamley was talking about how she wanted to get into “good trouble” in the article?  Because she’s got several instances of the opposite:

While the story concedes that Campbell has been arrested multiple times for protesting, it leaves out the parts about protester Bothamley’s arrests where she’s currently defending felony drug and misdemeanor assault charges.

This pair trying to raise a ruckus at a Noem stop seems to be more about a grab for attention than actually accomplishing anything.

And in the case of one of them, I don’t think I’d be seeking any more trouble, good or otherwise. Seems like she’s got plenty of trouble to deal with already.

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  1. Just like natvig claims he’s living in sturgis at a vets office and swore under oath he’s living there.

    1. I don’t support her or any rioter, but this comment looks far worse for you than the person you are trying to insult.

  2. This isn’t the burn you think it is. But thank you for adding the link to the Daily Beast article! I was proudly arrested 4 times in DC. Putting my body on the line so people can have basic human rights is an honor. The money I made from my GoFundMe helped me travel to DC, and every cent that was left over was donated to fellow protesters so they could travel. I didn’t keep one cent. Pat, I honestly hope that your daughters have healthy pregnancies, but there are millions of us that didn’t. I hope that they are never denied medical care that they need and deserve. I never thought I would need an abortion, but I did because if I could save one of my beloved twins, that’s what I was going to do, and my surviving twin is now a healthy 15 y/o. You wrote that I wanted “cause a fuss”. I met Leah 2 minutes before Noem arrived, and I didn’t know we were being filmed. If I had, the video would be better. I just wanted to ask her if abortions like mine should be allowed under SD’S trigger law. She lied and said it was. It’s not. I asked her to bring a bill for this exception, she said she doesn’t bring bills, you know that’s a lie. So I asked her if a legislator introduced a bill if she would support it. She said she doesn’t support bills, you know that’s not true. Then she fled an event that she was scheduled to be at, she’s a coward. If she runs away from me, how can she be successful on a national level?

    1. Hi Tiffany – we both live in Spearfish. Drop me a line if you would like to meet for coffee sometime and rap .. my text msg number is at the top of the page at Plains Tribune dot cooom!

      First, a comment about practicality. Sometimes there are not clear solutions to issues, and we have to make community level decisions that have a seemingly negative impact for one group. It’s push-pull.

      In this case, the need to maintain our human rights necessitates that we consider the abortion issue carefully. I understand the abortion issue with what I dubbed the hitchhiker example. If you pick up a hitchhiker on the road, then decide that you don’t want her in your car, you can’t kick her out going 75mph. You must provide safe egress. In the case of abortion, if the love making was consensual and a pregnancy results, even militant atheist Christopher Hitchens believed that human rights are assigned (for lack of a better term) at conception. If a hitchhiker forces his way in your car or creates immanent danger to the driver (rape of the mother or discernible threat to the mother’s life like a tube-pregnancy, in this analogy), then you can blow the hitchhiker away using your 2nd amendment rights .. sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

      MY QUESTION TO YOU: Assuming you have not committed a capital offense (another issue), when did you get your right to not be killed and why?

      For me, the answer is conception since, if left along a sperm and egg independently die, but a genotypical fertilized egg becomes a phenotypical human in the majority (or at least a significant number) of cases.


      John Dale, B.A. Philosophy
      Spearfish, SD
      Founder, Plains Tribune

    2. Tragic decision in your case, a fringe wedge case that if you had made an appointment with the governor to discuss, you might have gotten better results?

      When the mother’s life is in danger, I do not call this “abortion”.

      In the case of the twin, were you assured that the second twin would not survive if the first was not terminated?

      Thanks for bringing this thought provoking (and painful for you I’m sure) case to light. I hope you make headway on this issue and find a pathway to improve things.



        1. If that aborted life is required to have rights and lives over that of its mother, should it be charged with manslaughter?

    1. THC use had nothing to do with this .. this was a target of opportunity, you took your shot, and missed, Anon.

      You know what causes psychosis? This kind of FUD.

      You should start signing your name so you can get *cough* credit for silly assertions like this one.

      Want to know what else causes psychosis? Wait outside of a local bar at 2:10a on a big party weekend and you’ll see it first hand *ralf*.

    1. In a world of weaponized words and over politicization of every issue, do you blame any politician from steering clear of this?

      I know a handful of people who could/would engage and come out on top of a situation like this.

      Personally, I would have stopped to discuss and debate for hours, but I’m not their (obvious) political target.

      Politicians can help move issues, but there is too much inertia to expect them to do it by themselves, instantly. I like how conservative SD is sometimes, but with the cannabis issue, for instance, enough was enough. We were spending over 3 million dollars a year putting cannabis users away and stealing their livelihoods; cardinal sin!

  3. I have a giant eye roll for these “poor me” posts associated with authoritarians. Sorry, if you decide to use government to control people’s lives, you may not be liked by them. This has been going on since the implementation of prohibition, how about you just leave people alone, GOP? Authoritarian styles of government typically don’t last as long as free governments, that’s just the history. A theocracy isn’t going to keep us together, but that seems to be to goal if you ask the neo-cons like Tim Pool, TP USA, they want a “national divorce” which apparently means the federal government only provides defense and religious policing. I seem to remember not that long ago when the muslims and their theocracy was the biggest threat to our country, now they claim it’s gender identity. Can I just opt out of this BS and let the crazies fight, we should be able to do that.

    1. “how about you just leave people alone, GOP? ”

      Seriously? Maybe you should examine the behavior of the lobbies over the last several years.

          1. Cancel culture movement, forced business closures, censorship on social media, confrontation of officials in public when with families, protesting outside of private residences, protesting outside of private business, vandalism of private homes for the “wrong” sign in the yard, etc. Do we need to continue?

  4. As I’m sure most readers probably know that CAH also has a post on this issue. It’s amazing the content difference between the two. CAH very conveniently omits the legal issues of the 2 who tried to confront Governor Noem, and portrays them as upstanding individual. There are 2 sides to every story and I personally think Pat’s is more believable.

    1. Very nice point, Tim.

      Hegel would say we should consider both points of view and make our own assessment.

      Hegal gets kicked around a lot by the hyper-right, but often-times not tribing-up has some advantages when it comes to uncovering the truth.

      1. Dakota free press.Com
        He has moved to Lincoln Nebraska but still has extreme bias towards conservatives, especially Governor Noem. I think she turned him down for a date when they were at SDSU. I could be wrong though.

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