Is Billie Sutton going to have a harder time on his side of the fence than he thinks?

Interesting noting this comment on Facebook from an opponent to energy independence (the Keystone XL pipeline for the rest of you). They’re not exactly enthused with the candidacy of Billie Sutton to be the Democrat’s offering for Governor in the 2018 election.

In fact, the criticism smacks of some of the same type of criticism that Rick Weiland leveled against Jim Abbott, when Abbott was derided as a “DINO” because of his status as a businessman and sometimes donor to Republicans, such as Bill Janklow.

Arguably, the same party purists can be said to have significantly impacted the armor of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Toeing a careful line to keep both the right and the left happy while in office, Herseth made some votes her far left base didn’t like, triggering them to field a candidate against her. While Kevin Weiland ultimately withdrew, it exposed a major chink in her armor, and may have signaled the beginning of the unravelling of her base.

In Sutton’s case, the opposition within his own party is starting to spin up because they don’t view him as “Democrat enough,” because of portions of his voting record, as well as his stated opposition to abortion.

There have been rumors of another possible candidate looking at the race, but the information on that is pretty murky at this point, which gives indication that it hasn’t progressed beyond ‘talk,’ at the same time Sutton is already out approaching donors.

Might the Democrat party purists come up with a more liberal alternative to Sutton? We shall see.

7 thoughts on “Is Billie Sutton going to have a harder time on his side of the fence than he thinks?”

  1. The guy from the #2 political blog keeps saying when he runs for governor, when he is governor and jumping in to primary Sutton would be a good thing.

      1. yeah! The only thing I could think he would be Governor of and that would be self appointed knowing his ego is Governor of a Hippie commune.

  2. Billie is going to have his work cut out for him dealing with the Hard Left. It is all absolutes with them and many lack basic people skills which tend to really alienate everyday South Dakotans. Good thing Billie wears a cowboy hat because after dealing with these nutballs he will be lucky to have any hair left. 🙂 This is coming from a moderate Democrat too!

  3. …..or Bernie Sanders.
    When SHS got beat I knew that’s when Democrats were finished in SD. Even back then Blue Dogs were considered traitors to the “new” Democrat party. He obviously isn’t running for federal office but a majority of Democrats that remain in SD are aligned with the national agenda that he woukdn’t defend. The urban Democrats look at Billie with almost as much disdain as any Republican and won’t lift a finger to help.

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